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I recently had an interesting conversation with fellow Floridian, Jack Born.

Jack is a marketer who created is AW Pro Tools. It’s brilliant. It gives Aweber (the email program) some super duper kick ass list segmentation abilities.

Also Deadline Funnel. Another cool online tool to use on websites and in email to get people off the fence and buying your stuff.

So we chatted about the business of creating online tools.

And that was fun. You might even decide to get into that biz yourself.

But the REALLY good stuff happened after all the business talk.

That’s when I asked him a very personal question.

And rather than give me some pat, socially acceptable, politically correct answer……he jammed in the rib spreader, cracked open his chest and exposed his heart.

He shared some painful lessons he learned recently.

You can almost FEEL the energy of the whole interview shift at that point.

Well, I could.

I felt it was the best part of the interview… and I wish we could’ve spoken more about it.

Maybe you will, too.

Click here now to give it a listen and see if you agree…

All the best,

Doberman Dan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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