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Maintaining balance as a working mom is a huge challenge. When the stress of your day meets the stress of your family, things can get ugly. If you find yourself yelling at your children only to regret it afterwards, this episode is for you.

Parenting expert Heather Chauvin joins me to show you why we yell, why trying to change your child’s behavior is a mistake, and how to retrain your brain to handle stress without yelling.

Show highlights include:

  • Why yelling is a symptom and how you can fix the underlying problem (5:57)
  • The surprising reason that keeps you from living peacefully in the “green zone” (8:14)
  • This common misconception about yelling could change your relationships (9:05)
  • What a triggering situation reveals about you (12:00)
  • How stage 4 cancer transformed one woman’s approach to healthy communication (13:32)
  • How a culture of victimhood is destroying your family (16:30)
  • The subtle way yelling trains your children to ignore you (17:47)
  • How to overcome perceived time constraints that lead to yelling (21:36)
  • The single best way to get your partner on board when making changes (28:03)
  • How we teach our children that women don’t matter (34:09)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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