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The “Lean” ask method for quickly validating big ideas with Nate Dye

In today’s show Kevin and Nate talk about their “Lean Ask’ Formula. Nate has been studying the Ask formula since January. Coming from a military background, Nate is great with systems and understands how to take action quickly. This episode is going to show you where most people struggle when creating their own quiz funnel’s and what you should be doing even before you think about building out your own funnel.

Show Highlights

  • The problem with building out your quiz funnel too quickly (2:10)
  • How is the ‘Lean Ask’ method different and what problems does it solve? (2:30)
  • The one critical foundation you must have in place before you think about building your own quiz funnel (3:50)
  • Why quizzes are so effective and will give you the most effective results (4:10)
  • The truth about the components that make up a great minimum viable product you can sell and handsomely profit from (8:20)
  • How to have a bird's eye view of your whole promotion (11:00)
  • The single piece of paper method of taking a cold prospect to a quick sale (11:40)
  • Where most people go wrong mapping out their quiz funnel (12:20)
  • Why it's beneficial to have more than ONE avatar despite being told to do the opposite by ‘experts’ (16:30)
  • The power of segmentation: How to transition from Quiz to Quick Sale (17:40)


Kevin and Nate have both been studying the Ask Formula together for some time now. In doing so, they quickly discovered the challenges people face when using the formula in their own business. People want quick results. They try and build their quiz funnel too quickly.

‘Lean Ask’

This is where the Lean Ask formula was created. Its a way Kevin and Nate have deivsed to fix the problem of building your funnel to quickly. Before the quiz, there are still vital components that must be in place for the Ask formula to be effective.

A Solid Foundation

Before you start building out your quiz funnel, Nate recommends that you must have a big idea. Not only that, but a big idea that your market cares about. If you dive too fast into building your quiz funnel, you’re going to find yourself wasting your valuable time and money. The big idea is what is going to move the needle of your results the most.


Nowadays we are told that you must speak directly to a single person in your message. This is only true to a certain extent. Under one avatar you may have three different avatars: all wanting to achieve the same goal but for different reasons. Meaning you have to create custom messages to each avatar. This is where using the Deep Dive Survey’s, doing your research and segmenting your audience is vitally important.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how the ‘Lean Ask’ Formula is so effective and how you can get the wheels in motion by following what Kevin & Nate teach you.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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