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In today’s show, Kevin is joined by Abbey Woodcock to talk about the anxieties that business owners face when searching for a great copywriter and the red flags that pop up you must be aware of.

Here are the main talking point from today’s show:

-How to stand out as a copywriter and attract more potential clients (1:50 mark)

-The most important information you MUST know as a copywriter BEFORE you speak with a potential client (2:20 mark)

-The two BIG things people fear when searching for a good copywriter (3:00 mark)

-Abbey’s very own vetting process for selecting who to work with (3:50 mark)

-Brian Kurtz’s critical rule on what must come before copywriting is even considered (5:00 mark)

-The one thing that must happen before you meet with a potential client for the first time (6:30 mark)

-Where you WONT find a great copywriter hanging out (8:40 mark)

-The red flags business owners should look out for when hiring a copywriter (9:30 mark)

-Are you a perfect fit? A simple way to vet a copywriter (14:00 mark)

-Three questions to ask a copywriter before you think about hiring one (15:05 mark)

-The truth about how much a copywriter really costs and the price you should pay one (19:30 mark)

The Customer Mindset

Kevin and Abbey talk about the importance of why you should know what the customers’s anxieties and worries are before yo even speak to them. Usually these worries boil down to two thing which are the cost of hiring a good copywriter and believing they cant write in your voice.

Lottery Ticket Clients

Abbey explains the reasons why she will only take on clients if they have a complete idea. This includes knowing what the product is. Many people think that having a copywriter is the ‘missing link’ that they need, without first thinking about their offer and who its going to be for. A copywriter can't save bad product or offer.

Copy Cant Save a Bad Offer to The Wrong List

This winning formula also known as the 40/40/20 rule was first created by Brian Kurtz who is well known as one of the guru’s of direct response marketing. It states that 40% of your success comes from your audience, 40% from your offer and everything else 20%. Copywriting falls under the ‘everything else’ umbrella. Copywriting is the cherry on top of the cake. When you have your 80% correct, it can be life changing.

The Red Flags

When you’re looking to hire a copywriter, its vital that you know what the possible red flags might be. The best copywriters will ask the most questions. It could be a red flag if you find them hesitant in anyway. Brian Kurtz says his rule when looking for a copywriter is to look for ‘insatiable curiosity’ because all good copywriters are naturally curious.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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