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5 Elements of a High Converting Retail Brand Launch

Kevin brings on a fellow guest of The Copy Chief Community Mike Rinard. He's an established

retail brand writer. In today’s show talks about the five elements that go into creating a successful

retail brand launch.

If you're in a rush and want to jump right to today’s show highlights:

3:40 The biggest pay day of Mikes life

4:00 The magic behind Kevin’s first $7 he made online

5:30 How to sell lots of stuff online by creating a mind blowing experience for your customers

6:45 How to harness the power of storytelling in your email marketing

8:00 Where most brands go wrong and disconnect from their audience

9:40 One key benefit why you must be doing deep dive research into your audience

10:00 The most powerful words to use in your copy that make you sound like a mind reader

11:45 How to step in to ‘The Gap’ and fill the story telling void in your emails

18:00 The key metric Kevin tracks in his emails and its NOT open rates

18:20 The four elements of creating exclusivity around your offer

The Super Launch

Mike tells his story of how he made more money in 12 hours than he did in the first whole year at

college. He achieved this by using the 5 elements he talks about in today’s show. Kevin quotes that

‘direct marketing can be one of the biggest pay days of your life’.

Getting Started Online

Sometimes its best to take a step back from the masses and just think about selling to one person

to begin with. Kevin tells us about the very first sale he made online. It was for $7. The amount of

money didn't matter, as you'll find out. it changed Kevin’s frame of mind about selling online


Story Telling

Mike lets rip on his speciality in email which is the art of telling a compelling story that relates to his

readers. He goes into deep dive depth about the 5 elements to telling a great story. Telling stories

is one of the most powerful ways of selling. It creates trust and a strong relationship with your


To find out more about Mike Rinard and how you can harness the power of story telling in your

email marketing by visiting his website :www.chimpwolf.com  and to this post.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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