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In Today’s show Kevin takes a step back in time and chats about his stand up comedy days. Jonathan expels all the truth of expectation vs reality when it comes to having a child and being an entrepreneur.

Show Highlights:

  • Expectation VS Reality when it comes to having kids as an entrepreneur
  • Why taking out the trash everyday has changed Jonathan’s life
  • Melt away ALL your work stress by finding out what truly grounds you
  • Will Kevin be back behind the mic performing stand up again?
  • What Louise CK can teach you about balance in life
  • Advantages of adopting a beginners mindset
  • How to apply stand up comedy to copywriting
  • CHEAT your way through a conference using ‘the ace up your sleeve’
  • Find out what Mission Kill The Room is all about

Expectation Vs Reality

Kevin tells you why he cant compare his productivity to someone who doesn't have kids. ‘Entrepreneurs without kids find it easy to say they'll still be as productive’. The reality is much different as Jonathan and Kevin have found out.

What Really Matters

Its important to know  what ‘truly’ matters to you. Even when you feel like there are fires burning all around you and you’re under stress in your business. Jonathan shares what matters most to him and ‘what REALLY counts’.

The Beginning

‘Rumours’ are spreading that Kevin is planning getting up behind the mic once again to perform stand up comedy.  He tells you about the tip of the ice berg and how its exciting coming back to stand up with a total beginners mindset. So much of stand up comedy can be applied to copywriting but its much more difficult bringing the writing skills back in to stand up. Its so much about being in the moment.

“Kill The Room”

Kevin shares his goal when it comes to getting on stage in the spotlight. Even though he’s going to be starting out at the beginning and feeling very humbled. Make no mistake ‘ he's out to kill the room’ with entertainment.

All this and more in today’s personal tour back stage of the lives of both JR and Kevin Rodgers.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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