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Here are highlights of The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs with Henry Bingaman Pt.2 if you are in a hurry:

Escalation (2:09 Mark)

Why a team is important (6:30 Mark)

The Mission Statement? (12:35 Mark)

What is the value proposition? (18:16 Mark)

What is a sideways sales letter? (18:00 Mark)

Today's Show

In today’s podcast Kevin and Jonathan welcome Henry Bingaman. Henry is a senior copywriter for Money Morning at Agora Publishing.  

Why Stories?

Henry says every good story needs to have 7 stories to get people to take action. In part one we discussed 1) the paradigm 2) origin story 4) emotional discovery.


Story number four is escalation. Now you’re building up your case for interest. You want people to get really excited, amped and interested in your story.

You have to escalate in a straight line. Your story needs to be logical and make sense. A lot of copywriters make the mistake of throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks.

You need to maintain context and be a voice in their head they want to listen to and not turn off.


Why is your story so important and why do I need to take action now? You can say a lot with a few words for urgency. You need to express why you need to take action.

Mission Statement

The the why you do what you do. Why are you selling what you are selling? Your reason can be as simple as “I am your only hope. I’m the best with this and obsessed with it.”

Want to learn the rest of 4-7 of The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs with Henry Bingaman Pt.2? Download and listen to discover Henry’s tips.

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Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers spent years traveling the United States as a dead-broke stand-up comedian until he discovered how a simple joke formula could be used as a powerful marketing hook and began teaching it to marketers.

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