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Here are highlights of Kevin’s 5 Rules for Writing Better Headlines if you are in a hurry:

What is the biggest mistake made in creating a headline? (3:23 Mark)

The most important rule? (6:37 Mark)

If you can’t sing it, don’t bring it! (8:00 Mark)

Catch and release (10:00 Mark)

Leave the reader hanging. (11:30 Mark)

Kevin's 5 Rules for Writing Better Headlines

In today’s podcast The Copy Chief himself, Kevin Rogers shares his tips and tricks for creating better headlines. This is exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else but on this show.

The Importance of Headlines

Back in the print days, the headline accounted for up to 60% of the success of an ad. If it’s not catching, no one is going to continue reading. In today’s online world, the process is much more organic. You should let the title emerge from the body of your content.

Kevin’s 1st Rule

Make sure there is only 1 concept for every 2 to 5 words. This first rule is the most invaluable and important of the 5 rules.

Kevin learned this from the legendary copywriter Parris Lampropoulos. The reason it’s so important, is because you need the words to flow with how quickly your reader’s brains can keep up with them. You want to prevent the disconnect with the reader.

Rule 2

Make it lyrical. You don’t want your headline to be clunky in the reader’s head.

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