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Here are highlights of The Accidental Copywriter – Patty Dominguez if you are in a hurry:

What is Boss Free Society? (1:35 Mark)

What is the best thing Patty ever did? (4:10 Mark)

The importance of a partner (4:45 Mark)

Why podcasts are a must (12:50 Mark)

Copywriting’s power of influence (15:24 Mark)

The Accidental Copywriter – Patty Dominguez

Today’s podcast welcomes Patty Dominguez. Patty started her own podcast Boss Free Society in February of 2015. This was part of her plan to leave corporate America and become an entrepreneur as she explored the mindset she needed to make it happen.

The goal of her podcast is to offer that one nugget of information that is exactly what a budding entrepreneur is looking for.

Thinking on Your Feet

Patty was challenged to take an improv class and it’s the best thing she ever did! It has helped her to think on her feet in the moment. She learned to let the conversation go organically where it naturally needs to go.

After learning the rules of improv, conversations tend to have a natural flow. When Kevin finds someone that is negating a lot, he starts thinking oh gosh where can I take this. Patty likens this to a podcast guest that is flat and you are struggling painfully through the conversation and you are holding on to the seat of possibility.

Patty the Consultant

Patty has teamed up with Pamela Herman and created Create Buzz Now consulting. Their business is in helping entrepreneurs get customers and keep customers. They have a new video The Morning Would Show that is all about things they see on social media about business.

Patty the Copywriter  

People don’t understand the power of copywriting. In the beginning for her it was really intimidating. It was a lack of awareness. Once she understood the true value, she realized she did not have that important piece of her business she needed.

Download the The Accidental Copywriter – Patty Dominguez podcast to learn more about why it’s so important to understand copywriting and what the value is.

To connect with Patty Dominguez check out her links below and remember she welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!

Patty on Facebook

Patty on LinkedIn

Patty Dominguez website

Create Buzz Now Consulting

The Morning Would Show


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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