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Here are highlights of About You with April Dykman if you are in a hurry:

Kevin’s oh wow head-slap moment (3:05 Mark)

Biggest about us page mistakes? (3:30 Mark)

Closing sales on your about us page (5:16 Mark)

What’s missing the most from about pages? (9:11 Mark)

Would I want to have a beer with you? (16:48 Mark)

About You with April Dykman

Today’s broadcast is all about your “About Us” page on your website. It’s way overlooked in importance and there is more traffic to your about page than you realize.

What are the huge missed opportunities for you getting action on your about page?  April Dykman wrote a great article on Copy Chief on how to write the perfect about us page. The link is below.

Most people focus on sales pages or landing pages. The about page is usually forgotten and there are huge mistakes most people make.

You need to remember that people want to do business want to do business with other people not with company names, logos and mission statements.

About Us Page Basics

It’s one of the most clicked pages on most website. You might as well do something with that. People want to know who you are before they invest more time with you and hand over their credit card information. It’s got to be compelling enough that readers don’t need to see anything else on your site.

People want to know about you but only as it relates to them.  When they click on your about us page they want to know what you can do for them. You need to talk about you but only as it relates to your visitors.

Jonathan has discovered in rebuilding his website that it’s ok to have a call to action on his about us page. People want to know about the next step. Know they know about him and are ready for what’s next.

Feeling the Connection

If a reader has found a connection with you on your about page, they will want to know what the next step is. That can be frustrating as a reader having to search for the opt in or start here area when they are at that moment ready for more information. It might seem “salesly” but you’re simply making it easier for them.

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