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Here are the highlights of USP Case Study with Will Edridge and Ross O’Lochlainn if you are in a hurry:

UFC as the USP example (3:59 Mark)

Importance of USP for any action? (5:25 Mark)

What’s most important as a business owner? (6:05 Mark)

USP starts with what question? (12:35 Mark)

Working with multiple avatars (20:14 Mark)

USP Case Study with Will Edridge and Ross O’Lochlainn

Kevin’s definition of Unique Selling Proposition: The thing that tells people why they should buy or consume your thing over someone else’s. An on-target USP makes it easier for people to connect with you.

Fan favorite Ross O’Lochlainn, the USP master within Copy Chief and Will Edridge, copywriter at the Podcast Factory join Kevin and Jonathan today.

The Podcast Factory USP

The Podcast Factory has several USP’s. There is a separate USP for the brand, the show and the personalities.

For most companies, their tripping point is thinking they only need one USP.

Successful businesses know how their ideal customers think about.

Ross says a USP is the answer to the question, “if I am your ideal customer, why should I buy from you rather than your competitors?”

The Importance of Dialogue

You might have a Facebook group based upon your podcast, use what contacts you have and do your research. Find out what your followers like, dislike, want and what you mean to them. The best way to connect is through your own community.

Research for the Podcast Factory discovered people love it because it is entertaining and actionable and if you know your audience, you will put out information that they want and will hit home with them.

Dialogue Through Community

Kevin only builds trainings around things that are working or are needed within his community. You get people’s wants and needs and frustrations on a daily basis and working on a solution for them.

Developing your USP

You have to ask the right questions. Fire with a rifle and not a shotgun. Avoid using the word “or”. Think about narrowing it down to your one ideal customer.

Focus on making your questions as logical and plain as possible. It needs to dial in on why someone should choose you.

Avoid broad questions such as “why do you listen to my podcast?”

A good way to look at your USP is to think about it in terms of US politics. Are you tuning in to the left wing or right wing media? That is a decision you have made before deciding on the programming.

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