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Here are the highlights of Insight into Freelancing with Jody Raynsford if you are in a hurry:

Who is Jody Raynsford? (2:55 Mark)

What is the problem with journalism? (5:05 Mark)

Why is dialogue so important? (13:58 Mark)

Direct response hypochondria (15:03 Mark)

Connecting with Jody (22:43 mark)

Insight into Freelancing with Jody Raynsford

If you are an aspiring copywriter and looking to break into the biz full-time or a business owner considering hiring a copywriter, this show is for you.

Jody Raynsford has clients in the U.S., Australia and the U.K. and started in active journalism. It’s how he developed his sense of humor. He was forced to write under pressure with a weekly deadline. Pressure like 2000 words needed in an hour and a half.

Jody did an email challenge and found he had great difficulty with it despite his background. After a few weeks you find what you are good at writing quickly. You have to take a leap of faith.

Kevin on Writing for Others

Jody writes the content for Kevin’s blog post and also his weekly email regarding his blog post. It taught Kevin an important lesson as a copy chief. He learned what it was like to hand his voice to someone else and trust them with it.

Jody’s Perfect Client

Mike Westerdal, a fitness enthusiast, works with Jody. Jody feels he has struck gold with Mike.

Mike pumps out ideas very quickly and wants to launch those ideas very quickly. His timelines are crazy by copywriting standards but Jody fits well with him. The key is that Jody knows his list. He knows how to connect with his customers and can accomplish that within Mike’s short timelines.

Texting Neck

Everyone is aware of it now. We are all staring down. It’s not a new problem like monks staring down at vellum. It’s all about the marketing and getting people to open their eyes and realize that cause and effect is happening.

As soon as you connect with someone and make them realize what you are trying to communicate, like being conscious if you are guilty of texting neck, you have succeeded.

Tune in to next week’s Copy Chief Radio episode: USP Case Study with Will Edridge and Ross O’Lochlainn.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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