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Here are the highlights of 30 Day Email Challenge if you are in a hurry:

How do you get a Copy Chief t-shirt? (2:04 Mark)

What gets Kevin excited about his ideas? (7:03 Mark)

What is the big apprehension? (10:20 Mark)

Why does Kevin love unsubscribes? (11:53 Mark)

What time does Jonathan send out his emails? (13:17 Mark)

Looking forward to next week’s episode. (15:20 mark)

Today's Show

Today’s show is about the 30 day email challenge within the Copy Chief community. It’s fun to do activities within a group. It keeps folks motivated and keeps things interesting.

It’s hard to write something every day if it is not seen by anybody. This is great practice. Even people without a list are finding clarity through community interaction.

Unexpected Take-aways

Jonathan compares it to therapy. If he’s having a bad day, it goes in an email.

Kevin has realized it’s helped him as a coach to recognize that people have different motivations with what gets them excited. Some have a checklist, some need light or music.

Jonathan recognizes that writing every day provides forgiveness because you have tomorrow to make it better. Practice is invaluable. He has discovered he is able to do more than he ever thought he could.

Feed the Machine

To keep the ideas coming you have to feed the machine. Whether it is reading books, going to workshops, listening to Copy Chief Radio you have to feed yourself ideas and immediately turn it into something.

Give Consistent Value

If you are there everyday, it shows consistency and what people can expect from your business if they buy from you. They know that you will be there.

Your subscribers may not read every single email you send out but they one’s they do they’ll love. It’s a relationship.

Jonathan wrote 365 days last year to build his list and build relationships. If you are delivering consistently, your readers will read your emails.

Make sure you deliver consistent value to the people who do care about you and make sure they never forget you.

To connect with Kevin Rogers, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!




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