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Here are the highlights of The POSER Video Formula if you are in a hurry:

Why use an open loop video? (6:45 Mark)

What is short form content? (7:20 Mark)

What does Kevin say about tracking engagement? (8:13 Mark)

What is the POSER formula? (14:59 Mark)

Kevin wants you to get out of your comfort zone. (19:48 Mark)

Today's Show

Today’s show is about really short videos. It’s the future. Mobile traffic is making the difference. How do you get people to buy off of video when it’s mobile?

The goal is to make it easy for people to engage on mobile then get people to your website to fill out an order form.

Kevin loves using video on Facebook. He’s addicted to it and it’s really good for business. He started tracking his post engagements then did some reverse engineering to see what works.

Tricks for a Filming Your Video

Make sure your video is casual and to the point. Have fun and be conversational. Be a POSER with a purpose. Keep them under 2 minutes and begin them with exactly what the video is about.

Kevin recommends using the iPhone iMovie app for editing your video. It’s really easy and your iPhone comes standard with it. Cut out any parts that get off track or boring. The goal is to keep your listener interested.

The POSER Formula

Promise. Obstacle. Solution. Example. Reach.  All this within 2 minutes. It’s like a little TV show. When you have a formula it goes a long way for creating great content.

Kevin finds that people react to people and faces. You don’t have to be pretty you just have to do it. He loves watching people do their first video. They are never more genuine than in their first video moment.

Click on the link below to see Copy Chief’s contest “Why it Pays to Be a POSER” with members’ first videos. One member had 20,000 views, 1,500 likes and a ton of shares and comments that led to a bunch of sales.

Looking forward to Unique Selling Proposition in the next episode with Ross O’Lachland.

To connect with Kevin Rogers, check out his links below and remember he welcomes all questions, comments and inquiries!




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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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