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Here are the highlights of Ross O’Lochlainn: Authority Robbing Words if you are in a hurry:

What does Kevin say about circling back with a client? (4:58 Mark)

Why is selling from your heels? (9:35 Mark)

What is s truth-o-meter? (12:45 Mark)

What does Kevin say about taking a stance? (15:35 Mark)

Tips to avoid using weasel words (18:58 Mark)

Ross O’Lochlainn: Authority Robbing Words

How we communicate is critical to how we are perceived in business. Google Chrome has an app that will highlight authority robbing phrases like “sorry” “just thought I’d check in”. The language we have grown accustomed to because we don’t want to appear pushy or intrusive.

Ross says people are looking to be led when searching online. Wishy-washy language does not come across strong and you won’t look to that site as an authority.

Don’t Mistake Weak for Nice

Don’t think being weak is kind. You must be calculated. You must be able to give advice without stepping away from it.  Instead of “I think you should” try “do this”. An expert is very confident in their answers.

Weasel Words

A weasel word is one you put in a sentence to give yourself room to back out of it. They’re phrases used to give an impression that something is true but it's more authoritative to say exactly what you meant.  

You don’t leave room for interpretation, you have your facts straight.

In certain situations, weasel words can have a positive effect. This works best when speaking to your peers or followers that already share your belief.

Google App for Weasel Words

Kevin loves the app Just Not Sorry. It’s not addictive. It’s helpful. The link is listed below.

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