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Here are the highlights of Copy Chief Radio; Reach: 3 Things That Must happen Before You Must Sell a Thing (pt. 3) if you are in a hurry:

What does Kevin say about the future of marketing? (4:55 Mark)

Why is it important to keep interest from mobile to desktop? (8:11 Mark)

How can selfie videos help your reach? (17:29 Mark)

How will distraction affect your reach?. (19:04 Mark)

Looking forward to the next episode (21:31 Mark)

Today's Show

In the previous episode, Jonathan and Kevin discussed identity and how hard people struggle with it. You will resonate with others when you relate to others by telling your story.You don’t have to appeal to the entire world.


You’ve got an offer that you have vetted and are ready to deliver the product or service. You have created your identity. Who you are and why people should buy from you. Now how do you get it out there?

How will people find you? You have to find a way to connect with your audience.You must get people to connect via mobile then keep them interested to connect via a pc or tablet where it is easier to create an environment where your audience is paying attention.

It’s important to be optimized for mobile today. It has changed the game for how people engage with you. You must make it easy for your audience to engage as well.

How to Engage on Mobile

Keep it congruent from mobile to desktop. It needs to look and feel the same. Consistency is key.

Will you use audio, video or text? Kevin challenges you to try video even if you dread the idea of it. Putting a face with a name is a great way to bond with your audience. You will find that people love them and are more likely to comment.

Information Overload

Too many distractions have created the feeling of information overload which has led to people becoming much more selective about who they get their information from.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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