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Just hopped off the phone with my man Justin Wise from Think Digital.

He's the host of the “Think Digital” podcast.

He's also happens to be the guy I hired to run our paid traffic.

See, I've dabbled in paid traffic over the years.

And even got some decent results.

But it was never consistent.

And I could never get it to work.

That's why I always failed at paid advertising.

I shutter to think about all the opportunities I missed by trying to do it all myself.

All the time I wasted.

All the clients I didn't get.

All the barrels of moolah I burnt trying to run my own ads.

Anyways, this time we got smart and hired an agency with experience to handle it for us.

And I'm pleased to say, in a 15 minute call Justin was able to solve a problem with my funnel that should double our conversions.

Alas, this isn't a pitch for Justin's services
(although if you are in the market for an ads agency, he's a great choice.)

This isn't about Justin at all.

This note is really about you.

The shortcut you've been looking.

The way to get what you want as fast as possible.

All smart business people know – you buy talent if you want to get fast results.

That's why I hired Justin to do my ads.

And that's why you should see if you can hire us to help with your podcast.

Here's where you get started >>> http://ThePodcastFactory.com/call

Jonathan #DaddysWorking Rivera

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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