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This week’s podcast is all about my favorite email resources (free and paid) that can put many more rupees in your hot little piggy bank, including:

* The “grand puba” of alllllllll email marketing trainings. (And it’s not even authored by Yours Truly — shocking!)

* The 3 marketing teachers who I owe practically all my success to.

* An email course by AWAI that every email marketer should get. (It’s not one of the 7 best resources, but it has one component that makes it more than worth it.)

* The exact course (not an email, marketing, or copywriting course) that taught me how to write tight, pithy copy. (It got to the point where I can’t even write ezine articles anymore without adding fluff — the reason why is, I can “say” more in 100 words than most people can in 500, and so can’t make the minimum word requirements without layering my articles with filler. If you want to learn how to write “air tight” emails — or any other kind of writing — get this course and then thank me later…)

* The best free resource I’ve ever used to learn the art and craft of writing emails people love to read and buy from.

* What to study to write emails that get even your haters wanting to buy from you.

* The best sitcom to watch if you want to write emails people look forward to reading each day.

* Which blogs to read if you want a world class education about email marketing (and best part is… it’s free).

* The best person I’ve ever studied for how to win arguments and change peoples’ minds with persuasion.

* The marketing teacher whose emails I can’t stand… but whose books, newsletters, and writings every single email marketer should be reading and studying.

* A free email training Producer Jonathan used to go from making less than $1k per month with email to over $1k per week (and has gone on to make many more thousands per month since).

* And a ho’ bunch mo’…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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