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Ten years ago I met an 8-figure copywriter named Ken.
And while Ken is not a “name” copywriter, he’s probably the best copywriter (and copywriting teacher) you never heard of.

For example:

His ads have gotten “fan mail” from guys like Gary Bencivenga (billed “the greatest living copywriter”) and the late Marty Edelston (founder of one of the biggest direct mail houses in the world, who worked with and even “discovered” many of the best copywriters in the billion dollar direct mail industry). World-class marketing genius Dan Kennedy has been using samples of Ken’s work for years in his teachings and seminars—including in his best-selling copywriting book, “The Ultimate Sales Letter.” And when Agora Publishing (another direct mail giant) needed someone to teach the first (and most important) lesson of their advanced copywriting course…the first two people they called were the legendary Jay Abraham…and Ken.

Ken isn’t for hire.

(Which is why most don’t know he’s a copywriter at all.)
But, his own ads often run for several years straight—even against the best copywriters in the world. Just one of his letters raked in at least ten million dollars ($1,000 per word) before it ran its course.
(i.e. before he stopped selling the product.)

Anyway, here’s the point:

Even though he’s not a name copywriter…and even though he doesn’t offer copywriting services… Ken is one of the “best of the best.” And when I first talked to him, he dropped one fascinating copywriting secret after another—tens of thousands of dollars worth of advice—as casually as if he was chatting about the weather.
Anyway, what does this have to do with you?

Probably nothing.

Unless, you want to learn at his feet, too (like I did).

Here’s how:

Several years ago Ken taught a small group of his friends, students, and clients all his copywriting secrets in a closed-door conference in Miami, and taped it. And besides the people who attended… almost nobody knows these recordings exist. Yet, they reveal the hundreds of almost unbelievably effective copywriting tactics Ken has kept to himself for over 30 years. Secrets he learned while corresponding with the legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz. While rubbing shoulders with the world’s highest-paid copywriters (like Gary Bencivenga and Dan Kennedy). While studying advanced psychology and neuro-science at Princeton University. And while selling in the most competitive industries in the world—like Wall Street, Hollywood, and the “cut throat” music business.

And you know what?

No matter how hard you search…no matter how many “gurus” you study…you can’t find many of these secrets anywhere else.


Because they’ve mostly been in his head

It sounds strange, but it’s true.

Even Ken’s girlfriend Bettina—who has been his business partner for over 15 years at the time, and saw him working all the time—didn’t fully understand how Ken writes his copy until this seminar.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

I recently asked Ken if I could offer his course to my audience.
And, I asked if he would let me offer it to you at a discount.

The result was this:

Until this Sunday at midnight (EST) you can get Ken’s copywriting course for a cool $1,000 discount. And, as a “carrot” to get you to try them, I will also toss in the coveted “Agora Tapes” — the recordings of a private training I gave to Agora Financial (9 figure publishing company who hires the best copywriters on the planet) about:

  • Email marketing
  • Infortainment
  • Selling with stories

Agora paid me $5k plus travel expenses to teach this info.

But they are yours (by immediate download) free.

That is, if you buy Ken’s copywriting course by midnight Sunday.

Ben Settle

P.S. A word of warning to the ninja-seekers always looking for the next bright shiny object:
Ken’s course is NOT “ninja.”

Nor is it a bright shiny object.

A lot of it is raw fundamentals, psychological study of human nature (both customers you sell to and your own success mindset), and using “leverage” (like positioning, for example, which is FAR more important than the words you write).

The point?

If you want “ninja” go to another lame IM seminar. They’ll fill your head with all kinds of nonsensical short term tactics that sound cool and sexy, but don’t work long term, or for anyone but the person teaching them.

If you want to write ads that make lots of sales, try Ken’s course.

Again, it’s $1,000 off this weekend.

And, I’ll send you the Agora Tapes as a bonus.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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