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On today’s “Ben Settle Show”, Producer Jonathan & I banter about:

  • A “counterintuitive” way to get more sales, even from people who are dead set against buying from you. (This sales technique has been used for thousands of years, and it works like crazy online today.)
  • The single most profitable marketing/sales lesson you’ll ever learn (best part: you can see it free, online).
  • How to instantly (today, even) start making more sales, eliminate rejection, and have people chasing them down, begging to buy from them. (Works for any business, product, service, freelancer, etc.)
  • A secret place where freelance copywriters can find a “starving crowd” of high paying clients who love direct response copy and are looking for you as desperately as you’re looking for them.
  • The one word that is almost guaranteed to offend and anger your list (and it’s not even profanity!)
  • A free book online that, while it’s not about business, has hundreds of the most profitable business secrets I’ve ever used packed inside.
  • A “writing sin” almost all copywriters and content creators create… that can destroy your sales. (The late great copywriter Gene Schwartz said about this in one of his talks, and it can kill your readership, engagement, and, yes, sales, in a heartbeat.)
  • How people destroy their business reputations on Facebook. (Some people think this helps sales… yet doing this just ONE time can destroy your sales and make it so nobody ever pays attention to anything you sell henceforth.)
  • What it (usually) means if a product claims to make you money “the lazy way.”
  • How to build a business that works for you and pays you whether you get out of bed or not (instead of you breaking you back working for it all the time).
  • And tons more…


Ben Settle

Ben Settle

Ben Settle is a self described “anti professional” and the world leader in email copywriting education. He shamelessly makes a living writing a quick email each morning and then goofs off the rest of the day. Kinda like a bum, but who gets paid…

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