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This ultra short (just 8 minutes) “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode, Producer Jonathan and Yours Truly dance with you on the floor of what I call The Goo-roo Casino.

There’s a trick casinos play on people.

A trick where, losers think they’re winning.

And, thus, spend lots more money just to keep losing.

It’s a trick a lot of goo-roos in and even newbies in guru clothing (i.e. people who are brand new to marketing, yet are selling products claiming to work, even though nothing inside the products are proven to have worked for anyone—not even the idiots who created the product).

Is this trick being played on you?

Are you being a sucker?


Ben Settle

Ben Settle

Ben Settle is a self described “anti professional” and the world leader in email copywriting education. He shamelessly makes a living writing a quick email each morning and then goofs off the rest of the day. Kinda like a bum, but who gets paid…

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