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This week’s life-changing super duper, double top secret probation “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode reveals:

* 4 “magic” words that can take all the awkwardness out of negotiating price. (Works for everything from buying cars to negotiating deals with clients.)

* The “ninja” question to ask someone before trying to sell them something that increases your chances of making the sale 10 fold.

* When never to get into a negotiation. (I don’t care how good everything looks, if you can’t meet this condition, GTF out and come back when you can.)

* What the world’s most feared negotiator says to do if you are broke and trying to negotiate a deal with a client.

* The dumb mistake almost everyone who gets into a negotiation does, that almost guarantees you lose the deal. (It also makes sure nobody can stand being around you.)

* How to “judo flip” high pressure negotiation tactics back onto the person throwing them at you.

* The #1 mistake people make when negotiating that builds huge barriers, destroys trust, and kills deals on the spot.

* The question mark secret to being almost superhumanly persuasive when negotiating. (This was used by the the world’s greatest salesman years ago, and is still used by the world’s greatest living copywriter today.)

* An “almost magic” way to get people to sell themselves on your product or service.

* How to instantly eliminate price objection… before you even mention the price!

* What to say to guarantee you never bore someone when selling, negotiating, or persuading someone to do something. (Boredom is the death of persuasion, just do this, and you almost can’t lose.)

* What to say to get someone to lower their price that works nearly 100% of the time you try it. (This is straight from one of history’s top producing salesmen.)

* And a ho’ bunch mo’.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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