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On todays “Ben Settle Show”:

* How to get dozens of emails written for virtually any affiliate offer you sell… without swiping even one single word or doing a lot of writing. (Producer Jonathan was a bit startled I gave this much away in a free podcast — but whatevs…)

* A secret way to use your phone to multiply the sales of any affiliate marketing pitch you ever send by email.

* The Southern Baptist preacher's secret to selling to nothing but the best, most eager-to-buy prospects.

* A word-for-word example of the “shock effect” subject line I teach in the “Email Players Playbook”.

* A virtual business plan handed to you on a silver platter. (If you are an affiliate marketer looking to get started — do this, and watch what happens…)

* How to sell a “how to get traffic” info product by email.

* A “counterintuitive” way to make far MORE profits over time by making LESS sales up front.

* Anatomy of a horrible affiliate email pitch.

* Why I am the LAST person you should ever learn spelling, pronunciation or grammar from.

* A free gift to Amazon & iTunes trolls (this is my gift to the “no talent found” trolls out there who need a little help coming up with something intelligent to say…)

* And a ho' bunch mo'….

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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