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Today’s “Ben Settle Show” is all about…

List building.

(It only took 103 podcast episodes, but we finally did it…)

We also rap about:

* How to get sales from paid ads people don’t even click on!

* How potty-mouthed writers can avoid spam filters and not end up in Gmail’s junk folder.

* The politically incorrect and “not-very-nice” secret to getting people who work for you to give you their best.

* Two lists to join if you want to see my email system “in action.”

* A secret way to merge iTunes with YouTube to get a swarm of new leads joining your list.

* The problems with trying to track sales with paid advertising.

* The only “Ben Settle approved” web master on the planet. (And the embarrassing reason why I can’t talk to him.)

* How to use Kindle and daily emails to build a responsive email list.

* Why putting your URL in the comments of your Facebook posts is probably screwing us all.

* How the “Freddy Krueger Of Blogging” builds huge audiences of fans using forum and blog post comments.

* And the list goes on, and ON, and AWWWWN…

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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