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There are a few people whose message resonates so strongly with me that I buy EVERY single product they produce.

There’s this one guy who resonates sooooo strongly with methat I’ve accidentally bought several of his products twice (one three times) simply because I didn’t read the copy and didn’t realize I’d already bought it.

THAT’S how good his materials are.

And that’s how much I personally believe in his message.

He’s my go-to guy for all things related to attracting, managing and even FIRING clients.

His name is Jason Leister and I simply HAD to get him in front of a microphone for ya, wind him up and let him go.

Here are just a few of the amazing thingshe shared…

  • How Jason’s career as a professional musician led to his first major epiphany about how to quickly become a very high-earning freelance copywriter. (Ironically, experience and ability have VERY little to do with it.)
  • Jason’s very first copywriting client… and how he was able to structure the deal so he got 100% of the profits. (HINT: I’ve been advising copywriters to do this for two decades now.)
  • The BIG, huge honkin’ #1 secret to attracting the best clients, highest paying gigs and most lucrative deals as a freelance copywriter and/or consultant. (It’s the stuff VERY few copywriters ever bother doing… or even KNOW to do.)
  • The very first thing you absolutely MUST prepare for the very minute you get a new client. (NOT doing this will likely make you continually miserable, worried and feeling very unfulfilled.)
  • Why just being “one of the guys” is the kiss of death for a freelancer.
  • The big secret for getting clients to respect your boundaries and working with you on YOUR terms, not theirs.
  • “This world is not made up of facts. It’smade up of perceptions.” And how that one realization can make you one of the most successful freelancers around.
  • And a lot more secrets to attracting and working with great clients who pay the big bucks.

This is the deepest stuff… the biggest secrets… stuff you would normally only hear in highest-level inner circle meetings with the most successful copywriters and consultants in the world.

And it’s available now here:


All the best,
Doberman Dan

P.S. Dang, this stuff is goooood! I should be charging you for this.

But I’m not. It’s waiting for you abso-tutely free right here, rightnow…



Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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