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Ya know I had a previous podcast, right?

It was “The Doberman Dan Show For Renegade Entrepreneurs.”

It was fun. Had some GREAT guests.

But I view it kinda like my first wife. It SEEMED like a goodidea at the time.

And it was fun… for a while.

But later I realized, out of ignorance, I had done a LOT of things wrong.

In the case of the podcast it was production stuff, positioning, marketing and iTunes stuff. Because of that I never had any decent ranking in iTunes and never made it into the “New & Noteworthy” section.

In the case of my first wife it was… well… basically choosing the wrong damn wife.

So… I learned a lot from BOTH mistakes… the podcast and the starter wife. (Hey, at least my first podcast didn’t sleep with a client at the bank where she worked. The little minx checked his bank balance to “qualify” him first.)

You just learn and move on, right? (After your whore bitch of a podcast takes your home and half your police department pension, of course.)

Anyhoo… the only solution to all the mistakes I made with my first podcast was to kill it and start all over again. (Man, it would have been sooooo much cheaper if I would have done that with… aw, forget it.)

So now I have the “Doberman Dan Off The Chain” podcast, produced by the spectacular Jonathan Rivera, who knows EVERYTHING about creating a successful podcast that gets into iTunes’ New & Noteworthy section. (Which mine did in less than 48 hours… a record I think.)

I sure as hell don’t lament the old podcast being a sleazy, filthy whore and going bye-bye… because my new podcast TOTALLY kicks its ass.

It’s superior in every way to the old podcast. Sooooo much hotter. And I enjoy “doing it” infinitely more than that old over privileged, self-absorbed, materialistic, sleep around with rich guys podcast. <grin>

But almost all the interviews I did for the old podcast are too good to let disappear into the ether. So we’re recycling them and adding them to the new podcast as “special episodes.”

All that was a long-winded way of warming up to tell you there’s a new special episode of the podcast available.

And I feel kinda like a proud papa. A dude who learned from me while he was a rookie has busted ass and dun good.

Dun REAL good, actually.

His name is Dan Fagella and he used the stuff he learned from me at a 2-day seminar to go from a brick & mortar business owner (martial arts studio)… to an online-based “work from anywhere in the world” entrepreneur… making 20x’s more money than he EVER made with his brick & mortar biz.

Oh, BTW… this interview was NOT released on the previous podcast. So you’ve never heard it before. Unless you hacked my computeror can do that remote viewing/listening/“men who stare at goats” stuff. (And if you can, you simply MUST teach me.)

The interview is ready and anxiously awaiting your arrival here:


On this special episode you’ll discover…

  • How Dan started an online info product biz and made quantum leap growth within only 18 months after attending the seminar I taught.
  • How he used a major “act of God” destruction of his business… and the accompanying financial devastation to leapfrog over years of struggle and become financially independent for life.
  • The “gentlemen, this is a football” secret to Dan’s rapid growth in biz and income. (HINT: Doing the OPPOSITE of what all the IM gurus teach/sell is the master key to long term riches… and clarity.)
  • The one and one ONLY thing you need to focus on to go from zero to 5-figures a month… as quickly as possible.
  • Dan’s secret to squashing the paralyzing feelings of confusion and overwhelm so you can grow your business most effectively… and rapidly.
  • The all too common mistake that leads a LOT of entrepreneurs to bankruptcy. And how to do the exact OPPOSITE to get to 5-figures a month… often in less than 12 months.
  • And MUCH more.

I’m not doing the lazy copywriter thang and using “and much more” because I’m tired of writing bullets. Seriously… therereally are a LOT more gold nuggets in this interview.

Going here right away and listening to this interview should be a high priority…IF you want to discover how to start an online info from business FAST and make 5-figures a month lickety split…


I wish *I* would have had an interview like this back when I was a struggling entrepreneur and still married to the starter wife. Man… I could have made a LOT of money.

And the ex and her shark attorney (may he burn in a fiery pit of sulfur for all eternity, surrounded by 1,001 Ned Ryerson clones) would have been able to steal a lot more money from me for her and her bastard home-wrecking gigolo to enjoy… while copulating in MY home.

(Not that I’m still bitter or anything.)

Enjoy the podcast.

Doberman Dan

P.S. Dan subtly revealed a secret he used that totally catapulted him ahead of most of the competitors in his market. You have to really listen for it but it starts a little before the 12-minute mark. It’s EXACTLY what I told you to do in Episode 3 of my podcast.

It’s not like it’s going away… but I still think you should listen to it right away. Cuz fast action takers ALWAYS kick the procrastinators’ asses.

So which do YOU want? Kick ass… or get your ass kicked?

Go here NOW to kick ass…


P.P.S. If you happen to run into my ex-wife… her name is <redacted by my fun-sucking deal-killing attorney>…

…and she lives at the house I practically KILLED myself to buy at <address redacted, too. That shark bastard won’t let me have ANY fun>…

…tell her I know it’s been 22 years but an apology would be accepted any time now.

(Not that I’m still hurt about her whoring around on me or anything.)

Pax vobiscum.

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