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As an entrepreneur, you mainly do one thing for a living: You make decisions.
If you make the right decisions, your business becomes your version of success and grants you the freedom you deserve.
The wrong decisions lead to a success you hate, disgruntled employees and clients choosing your competition.

In short: Your decisions are the lifeblood of your business, so make the right ones.

The best decisions are based on data gained by asking the right people the right questions.

In this episode, you learn how to choose the right people to ask—and the 5 questions to ask so you can make the best decision possible.

Show highlights include:

– The two-step process to cure business problems like an illness. (2:25)
– When and where to have a conversation which reveal the truth, new business opportunities and cost savings. (4:40)
– Three things you should NEVER do when you ask questions. (5:30)
– Why starting with “the good stuff” is NOT a good strategy. (6:30)
– How to make people comfortable when you ask them questions while getting the most out of asking them. (7:35)
– The most transformative question you can ask in business—and examples of the astounding (and sometimes award-winning) results this question delivers. (9:40)

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Bob Holdsworth

Let’s be honest with each other, you know that you should be doing certain things, but don’t, you know that you should be planning but aren’t, you know that you should be executing but keep hesitating and you know you should be marketing but are dragging your feet … it’s not enough to KNOW…it’s about making decisions and taking actions.  Perhaps some straight advice and a strategically placed kick in the ass from someone who’s been in your shoes will help get you unstuck and back on track creating your version of success.

Take back control of your life and kick the crap out of your way so that you can finally Do business On Your Own Terms®

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