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Most business owners have them in one way or another—goals.
Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t reach their goals because they don’t know where to start.
Instead of executing to translate their vision into reality, they get stuck.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, this episode is for you.
Today, you learn how to set goals (the right way) and a 5-step approach to make your goals a reality.

Show highlights include:

– The proven 5-step method to hitting the RESET button so you can have the lifestyle you want and design your success (2:45)
– Why “backpacking through Europe” is not a good idea for your business. (6:10)
– Why rapid transformation rarely works—and how to actually reach your goals without impossible standards. (6:50)
– The crucial difference between near-useless “wishes” and powerful goals you can make a reality. (7:55)
– A quick take on the “SMART” goal-setting system—and how to apply the system to make more money this year. (9:00)
– How to execute a “BHAG” to triple your revenue (don’t think this is a “hack”, you’ll have to take action) (9:40)
– Sneaky tricks your brain uses to let you “off the hook”—don’t let these keep you away from your dreams. (10:50)
– An accountability technique which ensures you execute (this one might feel scary at first) (11:30)
– How to literally push your past aside and RESET to get what you deserve. (12:00)

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Bob Holdsworth

Let’s be honest with each other, you know that you should be doing certain things, but don’t, you know that you should be planning but aren’t, you know that you should be executing but keep hesitating and you know you should be marketing but are dragging your feet … it’s not enough to KNOW…it’s about making decisions and taking actions.  Perhaps some straight advice and a strategically placed kick in the ass from someone who’s been in your shoes will help get you unstuck and back on track creating your version of success.

Take back control of your life and kick the crap out of your way so that you can finally Do business On Your Own Terms®

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