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There are exciting and empowering plans happening behind-the-scenes of The Freedom Specialist.

My new book will come out soon, which gives you an easy way to introduce these ideas to your loved ones. We have several upcoming events which can transform your mental health in mere days. And my team at The Freedom Specialist hijacked this episode, so they can share these plans with you.

In this episode, you’ll discover what’s exciting The Freedom Specialist team and how you can fast track your road to freedom, health, and happiness.

Listen now.

Show Highlights Include

  • How to eradicate your biggest mental struggles—in only a few days (3:35)
  • The “little bit of space” secret for deleting past traumas, baggage, and suffering from your life (3:54)
  • How “childish” activities like playing and laughing can free you from decades of misery (6:23)
  • Why small, simple tweaks in your thought process unlock massive changes in your life which lead to unlimited joy (11:38)

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It's time to rip the cover off what really works to ditch addiction, depression, anger, anxiety, and all other kinds of human suffering. No, not sobriety. We're talking the F word here. Freedom. We'll share straight from the trenches. What we've learned from leaving our own addictions behind and coaching hundreds of others to do the same. And since it's such a heavy topic, we might as well have a good time while we're at it.

(00:35): Hello and welcome to the new and improved live and free broadcast. Just kidding. Uh Hey, this is Lee Hollis. I'm on the freedom team and Bob just literally drove out of his driveway and he left his computer open and all the recording equipment. And so we thought as a team that we would talk about some things, um, that are exciting for us. Like whenever Bob is here, he's talking about the latest things that he's learned. Um, and we're super excited about all those things. And we're also excited about the things that we're involved with. And so like, uh, as the team that puts together menus and food and, uh, emails and newsletters and all of that, we wanted to take some time and just talk about the things that we're excited about. So, um, thanks for, uh, leaving for a second. So we could do this, but wish you were here, wink, wink, nudge, hugs, and kisses. so, uh, why don't we, uh, introduce ourselves and just say how we retreats you've been to, and, uh, yeah, let's start with that. And where are you from? Perfect.

(01:48): I'm Jonathan, I've been with the company since August, 2020 at this point. I think I've been on 10 events and it's been a blast, each one escalating to the next. And I currently am residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Hi, I'm Amber. And if you have been to 10, Jonathan, mine must be like 11, 12, maybe 13. And I live in Herman, Utah. This is Tucker. You've heard from me, uh, already a couple podcasts. I think now I've been here since the beginning. And so I think we're coming up on our 20th event. And so I've been to 19 at this point, maybe less. There's been a lot, but I've been with Bob and the company for four years now. And I'm currently in Idaho.

(02:32): And, uh, I'm your host Lee Hollis. uh, my first event was in March of 2021, and I think I've been to every event since then, which has been like seven and I reside in Colorado Springs. We just happened to be together for a staff gathering, uh, to, to do some work. And literally Bob did just drive out of the driveway. So anyway, like Bob talks all the time and I thought maybe like, it'd be good for you guys just to hear from us because like Bob can say whatever he wants, right. But like we've actually followed Bob and, and what he's taught and, um, have worked with a lot of clients ourselves and we're super excited about what's happening. And like my main involvement has been retreats and like, I've been just super amazed to be able to watch and participate, uh, in things that are happening there. So I thought maybe we should talk first about the retreats and what kinds of things that we see happening, uh, with the men and women that come to those retreats. But I don't know about you. Like I, but I'm continually amazed when I see, uh, the participants come in and they're struggling with something in the matter of just a few short days. Like they are completely different people. Um, would one of you like to speak about any experiences that you've had that way?

(03:52): Yeah. I love what you're saying about this, because I can think of one client very specifically after having been to so many retreats and seeing the dramatic transformation in such a few short days, she was really struggling with some stuff and I'm sure she's listening in knows exactly who she is. And she said to me, I'm just always gonna feel this. I know that these things are always gonna be with me, all this stuff, the tension, the baggage, the struggles from the past, it's always gonna be here. I'm just hoping to feel a little bit better. And so I asked her to just hold a little bit of space, a little bit of possibility that every single thing could change, that she could feel dramatically different and actually didn't have to carry it forever. And she really didn't have a reference point for what that would feel like. And then she came to the retreat and we were half a day in, it was that first night. And she came up to me and gave me a huge hug and said, you were lying. I can't believe you weren't lying. And I haven't even been here six hours. So

(04:57): I, when you were talking about that reminded me of a friend that came and, uh, was really like really super resistant to come. And I, she had a conversation with you actually. Yeah. And what, what she said to you Before the retreat? Yeah. Yeah. So she told me that she really loved you and was really excited to see the change changes that she'd seen in you, but she just didn't know how that could kind of translate into her life. And so she felt like she was just in too difficult of a space to come to have any real change. She kind of thought she'd kind of detract from the group and that she was just kind of too broken to get help right now. And that maybe she should go spend some time alone first, go get some kind of other help before she came into a group setting. Um, and thank God she decided to step out and join us anyway.

(05:54): Yeah. And I, I think I've mentioned this in a podcast with Bob, but just when, when my own friends get involved with freedom, it's just such a wonderful thing to feel like, uh, like I get to give them a present that they get to unwrap in this present is just for them, just for their story, just for what they're experiencing. But, um, I dunno about you guys, but it feels miraculous sometimes when we, when we get to watch that, especially as we get into stick work and, you know, um, but I'm pretty sure there's some guys that haven't laughed for decades sometimes when they come there and we really get to see kind of like a, a part of them play for a little bit, as well as deal with some of the other things that they bring to the table. How about you, Jonathan? What do you think?

(06:39): Yeah. In terms of the play, I don't think it's this cheesiness, there's this deep sense of, okay, we're here, we're done with the cycle you've been in, whether it's, you don't feel good enough, you've been struggling with a certain pattern in your life that you're trying to shed. You don't want that layer on you anymore. And so we're not there to just laugh it off. There's a very real sense of, we're honored to go through this with you, but also let's start living now. And that involves laughing. That involves play. There's some little bit of martial arts in the mix, which is well, was it stretch for me when I first went? And that was so good for me to get outside my comfort zone and also intimidating. Like that's obviously not, everybody's wheelhouse, not everybody's comfort level, but the beauty of that whole space is you're not there to fix yourself.

(07:36): One of the coolest things it's miraculous, and yet it's now become so normalized for me being at eight or nine events, 10, I think it is. I can't count, but it's really the fact that you just get to be who you truly are without all of the, excuse my language, bullshit in the mix. That's the beauty of that space. We get to meet the truest version of yourself. And it's an honor for us because we get to see the version of you that you haven't seen in a long time. And most people in your life has never seen. And so when we get to dig into that, laughter comes up all of this personality that wasn't there because we're no longer stuck in the cycle of paying attention to your addictive behavior or struggling with trying to put up a facade or you're unhappy because you're not yourself when you're with the people that you're currently living with, whatever it may be. We love seeing that change, but it's not dictated by trying to fix you.

(08:48): Yeah, This is Tucker for a long time now. And like I said, I think we're coming up on 20 our 20th event. And you know, whether it's 15 or 20, it doesn't matter. I mean, when I initially started working with Bob as a client, about four years ago, events, weren't a thing and became quickly apparent and evident that in order to really expedite the process work that we were doing with clients that a person to person event space was gonna be really beneficial. And that definitely has held true. The event has evolved so much since the beginning. Um, not it doesn't look at all like it did, uh, from our initial even first probably four or five events. And every event that's happened thereafter has been a growth opportunity. And just this amazing space that has evolved so beautifully to not only embody what it is that we're trying to convey here as, as a team, as a company, as individuals, but it's something that is open to everyone.

(09:51): The business started as a way to help men specifically dealing with pornography addiction and what evolved from that was helping men's spouses. And then those spouses and siblings, brothers, sisters, moms, and dads coming into a space where they were getting help, not for pornography addiction, but for past trauma abuse, uh, other unwanted or negative habits, negative emotional, uh, states, all of these things collectively, we're just creating a wreaking havoc on their lives are just simple, challenging annoyances that people were ready to move past. And so this event space has become a place not to just deal with addiction, but for anyone looking to change anything in their life and really to open up and explore what's possible in terms of just living life. Jonathan mentioned just being here, being in the present, and that absolutely is an amazing space for that to happen. You're there, I mean, so many of the things that you have the opportunity to go through and work through are really about taking you out of your head, quieting the chatter, that background voice, you know, that's constantly there, uh, that negative self talk and really getting clear like that.

(10:59): There is something here there's more possible there's opportunity. And you get to share that experience, not only with the coaches and the team, but with beautiful individuals that are there for a lot of the same reasons or very different reasons than yourself. So a lot of growth opportunity, a lot of possibility in that space and something that I definitely am glad we have here. And it's been significant in my own life. When you talk about being miraculous, I think what's miraculous about it is that the things that are happening there are not massive, but the results of what is happening is massive. It's from these small things and things that can be integrated into your daily life, they don't have to take up a ton of time. Small, simple changes, sometimes subtle results that end up being catalyst for these massive shifts and changes that can happen. Uh, if that's what you're looking for, but also just small changes, changes in your relationship, changes in the way that you show up in your professional and in your family life. So just so much potential and just love to emphasize how much of, I'd say a blessing. These events have been in my own life and then being able to witness that in our clients' lives and in the lives of the members of our team,

(12:08): If you or someone, you know, is looking to drop the FBO of freedom in their life, whether that's from past trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, or any other host of emotional and personal struggles, but they just don't know how or want some help doing it head on over to the freedom specialist.com/feel better now and check out some of the things we've got in store for you, or book a call. So we can look at your unique situation and get you the help that you're looking for So much. Uh, I mean, as you were talking, I was reminded about the many different men and women that I've encountered at these retreats that have in some ways forgotten a part of them. And like we get to, to, to look in their face and hug them or journey with them in whatever they way they want us to. But like we could just say, you know, that person is still there and there's more and, you know, whatever the struggle is that they come in with isn't who they are, that who they are is actually much larger than that and, and cannot be taken away by some of their experiences.

(13:17): So one of the things that I wanted to mention when I first started working with Bob, I think, like I said, I think it was about four years ago. I think two weeks into working with him. He left the country for 20 days. He went to India and I had just become a part of the team and it was just he and I, and he was like, well, good luck. And maybe the, the business will crash and burn while I'm gone. But, uh, hopefully that's not the case, if it is well, we'll see when I get back. And, uh, that was a little bit intimidating and I wasn't sure what to expect at the time and or, or what I was even getting myself into. The reason I'm bringing this up is cuz Bob's gonna be leaving the country again here. Uh, in two months, he's gonna be in Nepal of the Himalayas doing some really incredible, I don't remember what you would call it.

(13:59): It's not gonna be work, but there's a lot of exploration that's gonna take place while he's there. And he's also in the process of writing a book right now. So there's some pretty amazing things happening here that we kind of just wanted to throw out. So you have a heads up of what's coming down the pipeline. In addition to the events that we'll be running for both men and women here in the upcoming months, I think we've got, uh, a few more events actually this year. And then the book will be published here shortly. And one of the things we wanted to mention about this book is that this is kind of a cumulative or a culmination of all of the things that Bob has been deeply exploring and involving in his life for probably the past decade in his own journey with dealing with, uh, unwanted pornography habit, with, uh, faith journey, with his marriage and his relationship with his family, with everything that he's done and explored up to this point.

(14:54): This book is a really beautiful encapsulation of so many of the life lessons that he's learned and has been able to pass on to his clients. So this is something we definitely say watch out for in the upcoming weeks will be posting more and, and throwing stuff up on social media so that you can check this out. But the key thing that I wanted to mention is that this is a extremely valuable way to introduce what's being done here to your friends or family, especially if you've been a client and are wanting to pass along what you've learned. This is a really effective way to do that. If you're new to this and you haven't come to an event, you haven't gone through any of our process work. This is a great introduction to what's going on here. And one that I think is gonna be really powerful. So I dunno if there's anyone else that wants to say anything to that, but

(15:40): Yeah, really, I think that we have all had the clients at retreat, right. That are like, okay, now I've just had this huge shift. I've had something major happen in my life. And I have no idea how to talk about this. I want every single person I know to go through the same type of experience. And I don't even know how to tell anyone what just happened. and so the book is really going to be beautiful for that. You no longer will have to find the words or try to share parts of the experience that feel just sacred to you or difficult to explain. You can let Bob do it with the book. Yeah. I've I've I've I don't know how many of us have been privileged if we've all listened to Bob, read the book in recordings or whatever, and just talk to him about, uh, things, but super exciting. Like I, every time I, I hear him reading one of the passages or chapter or whatever, like, I didn't know that, you know, like I, I need to re-listen to that. And so it's super exciting. Is there anything in particular that is written about in the book that is like exciting to, to you? Any of you?

(16:47): I will say that the most exciting part that I have heard so far up to this point or the, the piece that just feels so exciting to me is how he has pulled in so many different, like just areas of life and sort of cross referenced and shown just broke it down. It feels like he's stripped down what it means to be human, to be alive, and to look at it at its most like basic fundamental level without all the pieces that we've added on without all of the things that that we've added to from the time we were teeny tiny, either whether that was hearing from our parents, teachers, siblings, just our own minds and what we've believed to be true about ourselves. It is a real stripped down look at what it means to be human is what it feels like. I think I, one of the things I appreciate about just the things I've heard Bob talk about in the book is like, he really helps us understand how we got to where we are yes. In, in the ideas of philosophy and even the very foundations going back to some philosophers and how that's impacted the Greeks all the way up to now and how we've come to, into the situation that we're in. And, uh, and the impact of that. And, and maybe how some of that stuff got off it, of it if it's moorings way back, way back at the beginning. So yeah, super excited about that. We'll, we'll see when that comes out, but I know that he's putting the final touches on it and that there's a lot happening there. Um, I, I know that we've also within the last six months, put out a new website.

(18:26): So if you've been a part of the, the freedom podcast family, uh, live and free podcast, um, and haven't been to the website in a while, it used to be really focused in just one area of what we do, but now it's, it's a place where you can send anyone to, and they're gonna find a connection to help them, uh, in, in their journey. We've also put out a few issues of, of a newsletter. And that newsletter for us is really, uh, an invitation to the party. Really. It's like, it's an invitation to say, come, come be a part of this and, and experience joy and freedom. And it's a great tool as well, where you can, uh, forward it to your friends and family. And, uh, they can get to know a little bit about the, the, the freedom organization as well. Anything else coming up that we should talk about? Is there anything, anyone?

(19:14): Yeah. I just wanna go back to the event like event, event, event for me personally, it's near and dear to my heart because of what it has done for me in my personal life. It wasn't the only thing out there. I could have done it on my own. I could have found my own catalysts in other programs therapy, but I had tried some stuff didn't necessarily resonate because it wasn't me showing up fully. And I mean, just want to go back to the intro of this podcast, super haphazard, super, just thrown together, all four of us, excited about the opportunity to just talk about what we're looking forward to with this company and what Bob's work has escalated to. And it's not the only way out there, but it's the only way for me. And I know it's the only way for each person in this group, because it's one of the most efficient things out there.

(20:07): And it packs in so much in a short amount of time. That also is the same for the book. There's so much packed in there. It's not because it's, this is the way that you need to figure out your own brain space so that you can live fully. There's just so many doors for you to go through, explore. And it is tied to a consist theme living like we want freedom for each person, every single individual that comes to our event for myself. That's definitely why I came here. And what I get excited about with the event is you just show up for four days similar with the book. If you don't know how to talk about it, to someone just hand 'em the book. So we're super excited about that and the opportunity that it yields for you to find yourself within it, but also for the people that you know, who are struggling or just are looking for that missing piece. Awesome. I could not agree with you more event, event, event, event, and then event again. So there's that and, and also the thing I'm thinking about while you were talking, Jonathan, is that scheduling a call is free and I mean, literally free. So if you have any questions about how this could possibly benefit you, if you just wake up in the morning and want to feel differently than you do everything from that, all the way to all the big things that we've talked about, it's free and we would love to chat with you. So

(21:33): I think one final note from me, the reason I brought up Bob's trip to the Himalayas is because he embodies that idea of continued exploration. He's out learning and continuing to just live life and learning from living life. And that translates into so many new, beautiful opportunities and lessons for not only the team here, but for clients, future clients, whatever that looks like. And I think each of us here collectively is trying to embody that idea as well, is that there's so much life here. There's so much life to be had in the present and it all gets brought back. And so for me, that's been probably one of the greatest opportunities that I've had. One of the greatest privileges that I've had in working with Bob is that he's constantly out and open and learning and exploring. And then we get to learn off of that and we get to take what we want from what he's learned and make it our own and grow from that.

(22:26): And so that all translates into a better ability for us to show up for each of our clients, regardless of their situations, as unique as they sometimes can be. And so I will, I'll, I'll third, the reiteration on coming to an event, that space is a very efficient way of just being able to wake up differently in the morning to see life differently. And that will translate and change the way that you show up in your family. Your families will change because of that experience for you. And we want that open and accessible to everyone. Well, thanks guys. I know, uh, Bob, thanks for, well, you Only have a choice, right? So we just took over, but thank you so much for being with the noon, improved, alive, and free,

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