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Life tempts us with all sorts of poison. Whether it comes from relationships, business deals, bad news, or any other negative event.

But drinking the poison itself isn’t the cause of all turmoil and destruction in our lives.

All across history, from Jesus to the ancient Apache tribe, there are secrets for being able to drink life’s poisons without being affected by them.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing these ancient secrets with you, so you can see the possibilities from drinking poison and live a more free and joyful existence — regardless of the circumstances happening around you.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • You’re unknowingly poisoning yourself every time you do this… (2:02)
  • Jesus’s greatest secret for becoming invincible to whatever was happening around him (11:12)
  • The single biggest mistake you make after a relationship ends that makes it 10 times worse (12:27)
  • The subtle mindset shift that creates opportunity from disastrous events like your close friend only having a few months to live (13:15)
  • Why you should celebrate your life crashing and burning around you (13:36)
  • The trick for turning life’s poison into a catapult for more freedom, joy, and possibility (13:43)
  • This simple 2-second trick instantly improves your mood and makes your body feel better — especially in negative situations (16:42)

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It's time to rip the cover off what really works to ditch addiction, depression, anger, anxiety, and all other kinds of human suffering. No, not sobriety. We're talking the F-word here: Freedom. We'll share, straight from the trenches, what we have learned from leaving our own addictions behind, and coaching hundreds of others to do the same—and since it's such a heavy topic, we might as well have a good time while we're at it. [00:28.0]

Bob: Do you remember the old Princess Bride movie where the man in black shows up and you have the little Sicilian there and they've got the little standoff and he's going to put iocane powder in one of the goblets and he puts it in and of course there's the little switcheroo and all this stuff happens and the Sicilian dies even though he thinks he won. And one time when I was seeing this show we totally did a remake of this and fell off the pool table cause that's where we were filming it. It was funny. Anyway, the princess was actually a mop because, well, we, we didn't have any girls that we would go since the invention of the kiss. And if you haven't read the book, it's a hilarious book. It’s way better and way more in depth than the movie The Princess Bride. [01:17.2]

It's good. That was a sidetrack. Anyway, iocane powder and it turns out that the man in black won, not because he didn't take the poison, but because over the years he built up an immunity to iocane. They were both poisoned. That's what we want to talk about today. You see the idea of poison shows up in, in people's lives when they think about drugs or when they think about literal poison and, or rat poison and whatnot. And we limit our thinking to what poison is by those types of terminologies, skull and crossbones and stuff on, on a label, big warning signs and whatnot. But poison really is, if you think about it, poison is literally just anything that's making you die in some way, shape or form or another. We've talked about emotions and how they're detrimental to the human system. And so you're poisoning yourself on the inside by them. [02:09.0]

But, anything that is pulling you out and causing you to die in one, one way, shape or form that it would be considered a poison. Now the word actually comes from an old root, a pan into European root poi, which means to drink. So it's actually a potion or a substance or some sort of liquid or something that can actually cause you a drink, poisonous drink and eh, you know, and so on. So it actually comes from the term drink like potion, but it's a deadly one, right? So what is all this poison stuff that we're talking about? Anything else that is also poisoning you would be considered a poison, right? So we're talking like foods or anything that's causing you to come somewhere near death. Well, there's a phrase, there's a story in anything that is causing you to come nearer to death would be considered a poison. [03:05.4]

Now people look at this with drugs cause people can overdose on drugs and that can be poisonous to the human system because ultimately it's a delicate chemical balance. So a long time ago, there were some research back in like the sixties seventies right? There were some people that have researched and they were developing this thing called L S D. Yep —that thing! And they were testing it on patients, they were testing it for depression, they were testing it for other types of things as well. But then it also got into the hands of just the general population and having a trip was a, it was a thing, right? It was like a rite of passage in many way shapes and forms. There's a really good Netflix episode on this called ‘The Mind Explained,’ the series. And there's an episode on psychedelics, I think, where they talk about this, if you want to go learn more, they're really great episodes. It's a good series. [03:49.5]

And so inside of this situation where LSD has been created, there are two people, I forget them both of their names. One of them later came to be known as Ram Dass, but I forget his name originally. Timothy Leary I think is the other one. And they were, they had developed this stuff and they were really big on this stuff and they were talking about establishing, checking out of the establishment, not buying into the war thing. So there was a huge throwback in the United States against LSD and psychedelics and the whole hippie thing. And both of them were kind of on a journey looking for stuff. Well, the guy who later became known as Ram Dass, he went to India. Now he had taken small doses of LSD, whatever. And he, he had found a Guru in India who really seem to offer him the answers that he was looking for spiritually. [04:34.6]

And this Guru at one point in time when he was telling him about LSD, whatnot, the guru took like an entire strip of LSD, like a bigger dose than anything that they would have ever recommended at any point in time and he stuck it in his mouth, whatever. And obviously, Ram Dass and everybody are like freaking out. Like what? What did you just do? And the Guru looks at him, he just leans in and he says, “Nothing Happened.” No, I don't know timeframe about this, I've never taken LSD, so I don't know what that looks like or how often. But the Guru looks at him and he literally says, “Nothing happened.” And that's the point at which Ram Dass was like, Oh, this guy obviously has more answers than drugs do not that these drugs didn't help alter my state of consciousness to where I could find things within myself. But obviously there's something more, there's something deeper and there's something higher that can be gained from just inside me, so I don't have to rely on some external substance in order to get there. [05:27.7]

And so he gave up that stuff and he became known as Ram Dass, this Bhakt Yogi, who was incredibly, incredibly influential in his time. And you know, there's documentaries on his life and all kinds of amazing stuff that he did as he altered the path of his life because there was a Guru there who could take the LSD and not be affected by it. Now what was happening inside the Guru, I don't know. My surmise is this, the little lived in such a was bathed in such chemical awesomeness all the time by how he held his system, that there was the like throwing a couple more drops of it, it didn't affect him at all in any way, shape or form. But that's because he knew how to handle his system. And this started to smack to me of some of the talk that happens inside of a church when they talk about people who are true followers of Christ that will have certain signs that follow them. And this is the way that you would know those who are followers of Christ. [06:23.1]

One of them obviously was that they were casting out demons; another one would be that they would speak in new tongues, another one that they would pick up snakes with their hands. Another one that'd be that they place their hands on sick people and those people would get well. But one of them was that they would, when they drink deadly poison, it wouldn't hurt them at all. And for years I listened to that and I just thought about it as poison. But the other day as I was driving and I was listening to some nutrition kind of advice and I was thinking about the Corona virus, which happens to be around these days and I'm not freaking out about it, but, and then I was thinking about diseases and illness and whatnot. And then I was also thinking about our food supply and I thought, wait a second, there's a lot of people out there talking about how the wheat that we eat and the food that we eat is so processed that it's actually poisonous to our body. And if I had held my system in such a way that I could take that in and it not affect me, wouldn't that be an indication that I was full of life on the inside, that my body was taking instructions from the inside about how to live instead of taking instructions from the, the stuff I was eating about the way that my body needed to operate. [07:31.3]

And the same with with drinks and what's in the water and the water that we drink and all the things that we try to do to, to purify it and whatnot, but even then there's a lot of chemicals in it. And this doesn't mean don't be wise about your environment, but think about it. If you think far and wide about all the different places in life where there's something that is deleterious to the human system, that is poisonous in one way, shape or form, we could go down the list. There's the food that you eat, we call it junk food. We're the only species on the planet that will call something junk food and still eat it. That's partly because we're the only ones that speak languages like this, whatever, and dogs seem to eat all kinds of stuff, but I don't know if that's a trained thing. But then there's water, the water that we drink, the water that we bathed in, all of that stuff could, could potentially carry pathogens and poisons in them. There's the environment we live in. Is it a clean environment or a dirty environment? And I've been through several tons and tons of those in Brazil and other places, third world countries where, where the environment is not the cleanest. [08:31.3]

There's the air that you breathe, do you live in a city that's exceptionally polluted? And it could even be the air that you breathe in terms of like you're around people that are coughing all the time. And then of course there's the internal poisons that are created by emotions and other things that I've already mentioned. All of these in one way, shape or form are poisons. Even. I was talking with my my friend yesterday and he was talking to me about something he was learning, which is that these flesh-eating viruses and bacteria and stuff. The bacteria is already in the body and normally it just digests the food we eat, but when we die, it digests our flesh. And then something happens in the balance of the system to where it starts digesting the flesh a little before the expiration date of the body. But the bacteria is already inside of us, right? It's not like it came from somewhere else. And so as I'm thinking about all these things and then this phrase that they will be able to drink any deadly thing or drink poison and it won't hurt them, it suddenly dawned on me, that may be what we're talking about is something far deeper and far wider than, Oh my enemies are coming in. They've poisoned the wine kind of thing. [09:34.4]

But maybe just maybe an indicator of somebody who is really full of life, fully vibrant, an indicator of somebody who, if you want to talk about it this way, is a true follower of Christ, whatever that means to you. An indicator of somebody who's reached real attainment in yoga or other types of spiritual disciplines is somebody who literally can live in any environment and have anything happen and have any emotion come into their sphere and have it not affect them at all. [10:03.5]

Now that is a real indicator of someone who's definitely mastered life at a certain level and that's the kind of mastery that I hope your striving for is definitely the kind of mastery that I'm striving for. I have a friend who, you know, a lot of things happened at once and what kind of sparked to this discussion was this experience. She runs a company, one of her close friends quit, like they were working together, one of her close friends quit. And then another person who works in the company got into a massive car accident and so they were in the hospital, so big stuff there. Some of her other friends, one of them was diagnosed with the kind of cancer needed surgery. Another one was diagnosed with the kind of cancer and given like only six months left on their life. And so all of these things are happening at once. And then on top of that, they, she ended her relationship with somebody that she'd been together with with a long time. And she'd also been worried about all kinds of trademarking and copyrighting things and, and intellectual property rights with some of the stuff that they do with their business. So she's downloaded with tons and tons of stuff in a very short amount of time. [11:06.1]

And she's on the phone talking to me and I'm in a spot where I'm looking at it going, this would be amazing to live the way that Jesus talked about living. And you don't have to believe in Jesus to look at this way, but to actually have your yoke be easy and your burden be light. That his whole life, that's how he lived, which was the, didn't matter what happened, didn't matter how many people were trying to kill him, didn't matter how many lepers he was around that were sick and whatnot, and pleading after, didn't matter how much sleep he lost because his disciples were waking him up in the middle of the night and saying, Hey, we've got a problem, or can you help me with my taxes? It didn't matter that he wasn't an accountant, just go fishing. It'll solve everything. It didn't matter that a lot of people only came to him for the miracles and they come to actually listen. It didn't matter that some of his closest disciples went away. It didn't matter that he, you know, like all of these things didn't matter. His yoke was easy. And his burden was light. [12:04.8]

And I thought, man, what an incredible way, cause if you look at the situation with my friend, nothing had actually happened. Some news had come — A spell. If you listen to the episode a couple episodes ago when we talked about seeing through the spells, a spell had been cast by life. The doctors give a diagnosis and suddenly the people start poisoning themselves on the inside emotionally and relationship ends and people start poisoning themselves on the inside. emotionally. It doesn't mean you have to be cold hearted; it just means that if you have an emotion, it can be cleaned. Like it can leave really quickly. They don't, they don't have to last forever. Mulling over it is what causes the additional poison you know? And then okay, a business changes gears and then people start to poison themselves on the inside because of the emotion and the stress. And I'm not saying that this is not normal. I mean I don't know how I would respond to it. So this isn't a cold, callous thing. It's just a look at it. Nothing had actually happened, right? Residences hadn't changed like a certain agreement. So words were exchanged, some news and some spells were cast and all of life seem to disappear even though the hearts were still beating. There were still opportunities in the future. [13:15.2]

Incredible chances for, like if the person has less time to live, incredible chance to get close to them and to really cherish the time that you have and to really enjoy that time and to create something amazing out of it. If a business partnership ends, that means more possibilities around the future to be much more flexible and do some different things that maybe you ever considered before. All these things burning down, what an incredible opportunity in the future to build your life the way that you want. So much possibility if, when you drink the poison of life or what you think is poison in life, you are at the point where it doesn't harm you at all and that, that is the skillset that really needs to be developed among everyone everywhere, all the time, as much as possible. Because when human beings can do that, so much freedom happens. So much joy happens. So much possibility happens. So much diversity happens and all of the fear mongering and the panic and everything else that's going on around the world, they start to fade into the background because you're in touch with something so much brighter and so much better. So how do you do that? Right? That's the question. [14:23.8]

If you or someone you know is looking to drop the F-bomb of “Freedom” in your life, whether that's from addiction or depression and anxiety, or just anything that's making you feel flat-out stuck, but you have no clue how to shake it and just want help doing it, head on over to LiberateAMan.com and book a call, where we can look at your unique situation and give you the roadmap you've been missing. [14:50.2]

How'd he get to the point where you hold your life in such a way that if you happen to be like, okay, I eat a certain way because it's really beneficial for my body, but I'm on vacation and there's not that stuff there, what do I do? Well, how do you get to the point where your body naturally integrates food in such a way that it doesn't harm you? Well, that's just not, it's not an opportunity to be like, Oh yeah, go eat all the junk food you want and you'll be fine. That will definitely have an effect on you over time. However, if you're conscientious about how you eat, you don't have to be a fanatic about it and you don't have that opportunity. How is it possible for you to at least get food in some way, shape, or form and not have it be detrimental to you? [15:35.2]

Well, one of the things that I studied a long time ago and the same, the same goes with water, right? Or liquids of any kind. One of the things I studied a long time ago was the native Americans and the way that they would eat their food. You know, they'd go on this big hunting party and they would kill the Tatanka, the Buffalo and you know, after gathering the spoils and cutting out the liver and doing all the things that they would naturally do, there was always a sense of gratitude or a prayer and maybe not in all of the tribes or maybe not in all the cultures, but it seemed like it was fairly prevalent in these, in these indigenous kind of cultures to offer a pair of gratitude to the, to the Buffalo or to the animal for giving its life to support and to sustain them. [16:17.0]

The old Apache tribe talks about this kind of symbiotic relationship in some ways as well. Mankind is taking from things all the time, but when he takes with the, with the attitude of reverence and of gratitude and of seeking to make the world a better place, something changes and how your body metabolizes the food. You can test this in a simple way, if you take light into your system, right? When you look at things, light enters your eyes. You can test this very, very simply. You look at something just normal, then look at it with a sad, like a frowny face, and notice what happens inside your system and then look at what happens with a smiling face and feel how your body feels. Very, very simply, lights coming in and how you take the light in affects how your body responds to it. If you're smiling at something, it'll be very different than if you're frowning at something. Even if you're fronting, just cause you're thinking it'll still take light in a certain way because your eyes are the filter through which you look and frowning and smiling affects your eyes in some big ways, affects the muscles around your eyes and all kinds of stuff. [17:24.6]

So there's a simple way to test that. How you take in your food, do you take it in with gratitude? Do you take it in with reverence? You don't have to look too far. The sun is shining on the earth, you're not doing that. The animals were growing all their life. You didn't do that, right? Whoever killed them, killed them and cut up the meat, if you're eating meat right, or if you're eating plants, whoever grew it and chopped it down, did that. Then it was sent to the store and packaged for you and then trucks brought it across the, you didn't have to do any of that. And you're looking down at a plate of food and it doesn't matter how much food is on that plate, but something brought that to you and you just were able to just take a little bit of paper money or a plastic card and bring that home from the store and that could fill your belly. And are you looking at your food with that level of gratitude? Are you soaking in the smells of it and enjoying the experience of it? Are you savoring the taste and the flavor? It will change how your body metabolizes the food so that even if it's slightly maybe not the best food on the planet, it still can do you some good. [18:22.5]

With your environment, okay if you can't handle that much of the environment, like if you're your home environment, if you keep it clean or if you keep it however you keep it so that it's really beneficial for you and then you leave somewhere else in the environment isn't great, how you hold yourself in response to it. If you're fighting it on the inside and tense, it's tensing your body and poisoning you. You don't necessarily have to sit there and soak it all in like, Oh well I guess I'll just be a victim to it. But if you can relax and hold yourself in a positive way and be radiant from the inside, then the environment won't touch you as much, if at all. And the same goes with the air that you breathe. You do your best, you smile, take in less. You breathe through something if you need to. And yet still, how do you take it in? Are you worried about it when it comes in? Cause if you're worried about it, guess what's going on? You're weakening your immune system as you breathe it in. And with your emotions, if someone else's emotional around you, how can you handle it? Can you just relax and be there and hold space for it or, or make space so that that person can have their emotion on their own. [19:22.4]

If you're having an emotion, do fight it. Oh, I'm not supposed to feel this way. Ah Oh that. Or can you just sit there and hold a space for it so it can go, it's only coming up so it can come out so you'll hold the space so we can go and then no longer affect you. The point here is this, whether I'm not trying to push some sort of Christian agenda on anybody in any way, shape or form. But to me like Jesus is a kind of hero because of the way he was able to live and so also is Lao Tzu, as much as I know about him and Bodhidharma as much as I know about him, which is very little real really. And I have other heroes that I look to and these people that were able to live life in this sort of elevated, graceful way, that's what I'm looking for. And they also seem to have this quality that no matter where they go, no matter what they do, like they can take up poison and it doesn't affect them. They can breathe in the negative emotion of somebody else and they can still transform it within themselves like an alchemist into joy and happiness and peace and breathe out peace into the world. [20:23.6]

They can radiate goodness and if you think about it, when you become like the sun just radiating 100% the goodness of all that you are, and there's no doubt in my mind that all of you are 100% all goodness. Maybe all the lights aren't all on that’s all. But when you're radiating that, anybody can shoot all the nuclear weapons they wanted at the sun. I'm not sure any of them will even reach the surface cause it's too hot and that's what you want to be. [20:49.1]

If you're radiant, glorious, happy, just absolutely incredible in your life then that that neutralizes so much and you can take up the poisons that are thrown your way without going and looking amount and I'm not talking about going like, let me let me test and see if I'm good, let me drink some poison. That's ridiculous. But sometimes poison comes your way in the form of food or in the form of of relationships or in the form of bad news or in the form of some emotional stuff or in the form of your environment or in the form of circumstances. And if you can bring that in and drink it up as needed and not have it harm you, then I'd say you definitely are on your way to being someone, someone like Jesus, someone like maybe Buddha, someone like all these others who were so full of life that their body was taking instructions from the inside about how to be instead of taking instructions from the outside. [21:42.6]

And if you want to be alive, totally alive and free, you have to start to have your instructions come from the inside. How do I want to operate? How do I want to experience life so that you too can handle whatever poison it throws at you and realize, Hey, it's not even poisoned in the first place, I'm fine! And not have it affect you at all. If you want help doing that, go to thefreedomspecialists.com/feel betternow that's our choose your own emotion program. It will help you, it'll train you to start to be able to be in control of you, at least your emotional state through everything else. But either way go through life and remember it's got to come from the inside and this week as you're working your way through stuff, start to radiate, shine the goodness, choose how you want to feel and choose how you want to experience life instead of just taking in poison and moaning and complaining about it. Until next week, guys, [22:30.8]

And that's it for todays “Alive and Free Podcast.” If you enjoyed this show and want some more freedom bombs landing in your ear buds, subscribe right now at wherever you get your podcasts from. And, while you're at it, give us a rating and a review. It'll help us keep delivering great stuff to you. Plus, it's just nice to be nice. [22:49.8]

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