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You’re probably familiar with the Balanced Business Dad six pillars of life: Faith, Health, Marriage, Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Business.

But you’re busy. How can you possibly keep all six pillars in balance, especially when you have to work long days, week after week?

In today’s show, today Dustin and R.J. share practical tips to help you better understand what balance truly is (so you don’t chase the wrong idea). How to, find time for optimal health (even if you “never” have time to work out). And why bringing excitement into your life on long, tiring days prevents burnout.

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Episode highlights include:

  • How to turn an ordinary walk with your family into something more exciting than a Disney vacation. (1:30)
  • The Great Priorities Debate–Why Dustin and R.J. dare to rate health ahead of marriage and fatherhood, and why you should too if you want your wife and kids to love and respect you. (7:10)
  • How complaining becomes a “garbage magnet” and why your mental health demands shuttling complainers out of your life. (20:24)
  • The “covenant” secret to finally get all the stuff on your calendar finished. And how it unlocks your ability to work on what matters most to you. (11:07)
  • The fail proof “D.A.R.” method to find time to exercise, (even if you work 16- hour days). (16:46)
  • Why chasing the conventional definition of “balanced” leaves you feeling like a juggler, and how presence–not quantity–is the secret to not dropping the ball. (22:31)
  • How to harness “I am” statements to strap a rocket to your attitude and results. (21:33)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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