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Some investors can run their business on “easy mode”. They’re the only real estate investors in a small market and get all the deals. Sure, they have their challenges too.
But they have it easier than you if you’re in a big city full of competitors preying on your leads.… READ MORE

Many investors start out extremely excited about all the opportunities in real estate, imagining the life they can live once they profit off of their new business.
But more often than not, success doesn’t happen as quickly as they thought it would.… READ MORE

Getting started as an investor is the hardest part. You’ve got all this information, but you don’t know where to start. And while you watch others close deals and quit their day jobs, you’re still stuck in the “getting started” phase.… READ MORE

Today, Dan is joined by Kevin Bupp, a real estate expert who specializes in parking lots and mobile home parks. Kevin will tell us his story of starting out as a young entrepreneur and how he found great success in these unusual investment areas.… READ MORE

Get set to boost your social media skills with Karlyn Ankrom on this week’s episode. With 15 years of experience, Karlyn knows all about making a big impact online. She’ll share her special “Fan Fire Starter” framework and give you smart tips on how to handle the hectic world of social media.… READ MORE

Join us on this week’s episode of REI Marketing Nerds as we sit down with the multifaceted Frank McKinney, a real estate innovator and best-selling author making real change through his inspiring work.… READ MORE

On this episode of REI Marketing Nerds, we sit down with Frank McKinney, a groundbreaker in luxury real estate and a man of many talents.
From humble beginnings to multimillion-dollar oceanfront developments, Frank’s approach to real estate is as innovative as it is effective.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Dan continues his conversation with special guest Eddie Wilson. They talk about making smart investment decisions and preparing businesses to be sold. They also discuss how these principles can be applied to positively impact non-profit organizations.… READ MORE

In this episode, real estate investor Eddie Wilson, known as the “King of Exits” by Forbes, shares his amazing insights on risk, emotion-free investing, and the power of gratitude.
As a third-generation real estate entrepreneur and a master of business exits, Wilson’s approach to investing will leave you feeling pumped and ready to take your investment game to the next level.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Dan’s special guest is Brad Chandler. Imagine flipping not one, not ten, but over 4,000 homes – Brad’s done it, and he’s here to share his incredible story with us.
Discover how changing the way you think can lead to big wins in business and everyday life.… READ MORE

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