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Truer words have never been spoken,

Behold what Kyle Newell from "Unlocking Your Inner Strength" said about working with The Podcast Factory team:

"The obstacle that would have kept me from starting my podcast would have been me procrastinating – which was the case before I met you. And then when I met you it was deciding if this was the place I want to make an investment right now because I had a lot of other coaching programs I was involved with at the same time."

When I asked him how he felt after joining the Podcast Factory he said,

"I felt a sense of relief that I was taking a step forward towards one of my goals that I've had for a long time. I found it to be very inspiring because the podcast is an entry way to a very passionate business I want to build up and it was a pleasant surprise how you've been able to guide me in other ways. It's not just a technical thing on your end. You've given me business advice and life advice and it's been a really cool thing…"

That's right boys and girls, we don't just produce podcast here, we change lives.

To listen to Kyle's whole experience in 3 minutes, CLICK HERE

Click here to listen to Kyle's experience

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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