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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • A life-changing practice to ensure you don’t overlook opportunities the universe brings you (3:31)
  • How asking “why?” can simplify and streamline your life (5:06)
  • Why “enoughness” can help you overcome self-doubt and keeps you from seeking your identity in the wrong places (6:14)
  • A mind-blowing paradigm shift that will improve your relationship with money forever (7:08)
  • Why changing your actions and circumstances won’t improve your life and what to focus on instead (8:57)
  • How your job may be battling against your purpose (and how to get back on the right track) (13:33)

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Welcome to the Sip and Soul Podcast. My name's Angie Leitnaker - transformational coach, self development junkie, network marketing advocate. For over a decade I've been obsessed with the power of human potential and realize that the recipe is the same whether you're 4 or 104. In this show you'll learn the recipe for living your best life through positive vibes and a soulful tribe. So grab a cup, let's fill yours up.

Hi everyone. I'm so excited for this episode, this rock star, somebody that I've actually fallen for a while.

(00:31): I have no idea how I got entered into her community,

(00:34): Except for the fact that I feel like I was meant to be inserted into her community. It's such a

(00:39): We're full group of women that just uplift and support each other. Her name is Erin Paul, and she is the owner of so naked CEL and actually told her I'm going to let her explain this to you and how this became about, so, hi. Hi, thank you so much for having me. I'm so glad to be here. You guys thank you for tuning in today. Yeah. I have no idea how we found each other either. And I love that because it's always like divine intervention, right? So, yeah, I'm not much on elevator pitches, but I will tell you guys, I am the founder and creator of soul naked CEO, which is a rising women's empowerment movement with a focus on helping female entrepreneurs. I'm a manifestation mentor and the FTE practitioner, a hypnotherapist. I use a lot of different healing modalities, human design, gene keys, energy works.

(01:30): So I have made it kind of like my own signature healing and manifesting methodology. If we will call it that it came to be literally about a year and a half ago. I had been an entrepreneur for several years and I had this pull in this calling. I just want to know myself. I don't want to be attached to a network marketing company anymore. I had owned a brick and mortar business. I was like, I like what I loved more than anything was mentoring and helping women shift into a space of being empowered and being able to use their voice and feeling worthy like really at the core of it is this feeling of worthiness. Right. And it was on my video. And I said, yeah, I'm just standing here so naked. And at the time my brand was actually spiritual CEO. And so many people were like, what is so naked?

(02:18): And I was like, it is my brand. And like, literally, that's how I love it. Oh my gosh. I have goosebumps so much right now. It's so cool. So let me ask you this. We have people right now tuning in that maybe are just at the very beginning of their journey or they might be just where you were, where you are. I just don't want to do life just like this anymore. There's this knock. There's this nudge. There's this urge. What's something you would tell somebody who's there right now. They, you a year and a half ago. Yeah, I would even say, and I love this question. I would even say me like literally seven years ago. Cause I would say that's when my like awakening and I was actually just submitting an article for thrive global. And one of the questions was something about when this all started.

(03:06): And honestly, I kind of had this awakening and 2000 late, 2012, early 2013, where was just like a pink, like a nudge. And it was like, you don't have a plan. You don't know what you're going to do, but you know that there's more like you've always known. There was more. And so what I would tell people is just I up and left my job. At that time, I had no plan. It was effing crazy. Like not everybody's going to do that. But what I would say is start being more present. It's such a simple, simple thing, but like, if you can be more present and start listening to those little nudges, when something is, you feel like it's rejecting your soul. If something doesn't feel right, if you're like, God, this can't be all, there is just listen to a little nudges. And that might not mean you leave your job or that might not mean you pivot, you know, your business tomorrow, but it means start listening to those little things and like take action on them. Start doing a little bit more of what lights you up. What happens is like something will divinely unfold that you never could have plotted and you never could have planned and you never could have manipulated or controlled and it will just fall into place and you will be guided. And that's what I would say because so many people try to know the house. So the first step is just kind of starting to follow those breadcrumbs.

(04:19): Yeah. You're still no, it's like, there's no question about it. You came here for purpose, with purpose and on purpose. And a lot of times those nudges are like, Hey sister, you're not listening. You have a purpose. You know,

(04:31): I love that. I always joke and say, it's like, it'll be like the little ping. And I'll be like the knock on the door. And they'll be like the banging on the door of your soul. And then all of a sudden it's like this raging Inferno and you literally can't ignore it anymore. So you can either listen when it's like a ping or you can wait until everything is like, okay, if you don't listen, everything's going to start to dismantle.

(04:51): Well, we never ask why either. I use that, that example of the roasts all the time. Have you heard that the lady was making a roast and she cut off both ends and someone asked her, why did you cut off both ends? And she was like, Oh no, my mom did it. So they go to the mother, why didn't you cut off both ends. She's like, I don't know. My mom did it. Then they go to great grandma for generations. Why do you cut both ends off the roast? And she's like, well, you literally had a pot this big. And that's the only way it fit. You know? And it's, we never questioned the things is that's even our life is this. Our journeys is what I want to do. Why am I doing this? And just asking ourselves why? Like, if I'm getting this nudge, why am I getting this nudge? And then you'd take the next step.

(05:30): Yeah. Questions. Introspective questions are so powerful. Some simple as why, like why? And then you answer it and then you say why again? And you begin to like, it's like swell, naked, peeling back the layers one by one. Yeah.

(05:43): Oh my gosh. I love it. So is there one thing you find yourself saying to your clients and whether they're your coaching clients or people in your groups, like what do you find yourself repeating over and over and over again, two

(05:58): Things. This idea of enough-ness you are enough. Enough is not even a thing. You are innately worthy. Enoughness worthiness is not outside of you. It's not validation. So oftentimes I'll find myself saying, okay, why do you want that? Like what, what is that gonna make you feel? Right? Cause they desire more money or more business or more clients, or I don't know, travel, whatever the things are. And they'll say, well, like someone said the other day to me, she said, it's gonna make me feel validated. And it's going to make me feel, it was something about external validation. That's like, listen, you have access to those feelings right now. You can self validate. You can believe in yourself. You can see yourself. We can shift the energetics on the backend. And then you become a clear channel and a portal for receiving the thing. But you get to feel it right now.

(06:46): And that's what required some leaps. So I would say that. And then the other thing is money. And I always tell people, money is just energy, which you hear a lot, but I say your consciousness directs the energy. So it's what the meaning that you're giving the money. So if you grew up with parents that, you know, made a lot of money, but they were never happy. Are you making money mean that you can be? I had just had this with a client. I was making a lot of money before, but now I'm happier, but I'm not making as much. And I was like, Hmm, we get to actually have both, like, we don't live in an aura and, and universe, like we get to shift this.

(07:19): Yeah. Yeah. I love that. That is a huge, that's come up with so many of my clients too. It's money is just an energetic exchange for value. So when you are living yours, so naked purpose and you like get rid of all the stuff that isn't serving you, you're in alignment with who you are and why you're here. And what you came to do, money is just an energetic exchange. And when you're in that bliss, money comes more frequently. Cause you're vibing with it. It's like, yeah. So that's like the same conversation all the time. So what exactly is your zone of genius? What is your, you do a lot of things, but I think they're all super aligned with one another inner woven fabric. But what do you feel like if someone out there is like, you know what, I'm ready to next level of my life. I feel like Erin is the person I need. What do you offer?

(08:09): I would say the energetics, like that's kinda my zone of genius. That's literally what I've been, what I've experienced. My whole life is like, my energy has always been transformative. It's always been powerful. It's always felt like a safe space. And I've always even like now I understand it on a deeper level. And now I obviously have tools like EFT and hypnotherapy and gene keys. And we incorporate all of these tools. But at the core of it, like what I do with every single woman I work with and it doesn't matter what her desire is because this is a core of it is energetic. So when I say energetics, I'm talking about most of you that are listening might feel like I'm generalizing. But a lot of people listening probably feel like, well, if I want to receive this or change my life, I have to do something different than I have to do.

(08:52): More of my action is what I need to change first, the circumstances or what I need to change. And what I teach women is no. When we master our frequency, that's our actual power source. That's the heavy lifter for us is when we master it, it's really emotional intelligence. When we master our energy the way we feel, how we see ourselves, what we believe to be true for us in the feeling and energy that, that emits in our body, that then creates, you know, our magnetic field, which brings in what we desire. That's what I teach you to master, right? It's an inside job. It's an inside job. And our outside world always mimics our inside world. 100% of the time. If you want to know what you're thinking and you're feeling well, look at your results. Like your life is mirroring what you believe to be true.

(09:42): Yeah, no people too, as like, if you're triggered, if you're bringing in experiences that you don't love, if you're, you know, seeing things outside of you that are uncomfortable, not what you wanted to call in, you get to take your power back and say, Hmm, where did I have space in my being for that? What must I have believed to create that result? Because our beliefs and our thoughts are creating that energetic feeling within our body. And then those feelings are attracting the opportunities, the people, the experiences, and the things that we need to act on. So when you can master that, then everything falls into alignment. And that's when the actions are. So there's an ease. It's not easy. There's an ease. Yeah. It's like, dude, this guy reached out to you and Erin she's aligned this person they're aligned. Someone else will reach out. And if it doesn't exactly, it's like inspired action. It doesn't feel hard. You're not swimming against the current. Actually the current like propelling, you keep going, keep going, keep going. I love

(10:46): If this podcast is awakening something inside you, if you are feeling lost unfulfilled or uninspired and want to gain clarity, if you're ready to shine from within and create your most soulful life, then join us in our seven day affirmation challenge series, where we'll program your mind into believing that you can create the most fulfilled life, go to www sip and soul show.com to sign up today.

(11:16): So you mentioned that it started in like 2012, seven years ago, ish seven, eight. What was it like my times out of 10? If you ask somebody that is awake, it came from a space of being asleep and they'll say, you know, like the hero's journey, like with not all rainbows and butterflies turns out that got me here. So what was it that made you the crap? Well, if I'm going to be honest, I knew since I was 17 and that's when I had my son, my first son, I was a junior in high school. So I graduated a year early and I went to college with this little baby. I was working 40 hours a week and I was having this baby. I mean, I was going to school at the same time. So I knew, I was like, okay, I wasn't given this story in the circumstances for no reason.

(12:02): I know I meant to use this to empower women, but I was 17 and I was in college and I didn't know what I was going to do. Right. So I did the typical thing. I went to college, you know, had the kids, had another baby, bought a house by 23. I had been working in my corporate job for three years and I was pregnant with my other son. And I always say like, I had such an attachment to my little boy he's seven now. And had like, he was like the catalyst, like as much as I knew my soul knew, he was kind of like the awakening for me, where it was like, I can't do this anymore. I can't sit in a gray cubicle as an analyst. Like I'm the most flowy, like energy type. And I'm sitting in a cubicle as an analyst, analyzing shit in an insurance company.

(12:45): And you know, everything made logical sense to stay there for Onk. They fully cover your delivery. I'm five months pregnant. Like they're going to a hundred percent cover my delivery and I'm going to walk away like to the outside world that made no sense. But to me, I was like in tears on the way to work, I was like, I just knew I can't sit behind a gray cubicle with pictures on the wall, pretending I like it here. And I don't girl, I'm thinking right now, how many people are listening to you driving to work both hands on the steering wheel, like shoot that's me. That's me. I'm trading dollars for hours, hours of our life that we never get back. And if we are here for a purpose and on purpose and with purpose, so many people are like, what? And if you love your job cool.

(13:29): But I know so many people who are they're just miserable and they don't know that it can be another way. So true. My husband watched me and I didn't even have a business. When I left that job, I literally spent a year being, I actually went back to school because I was like, I got to figure out what I want to do. And then I'm sitting eight months pregnant, you know, in college classrooms again, thinking, and I got an internship at a TV station, cause I was going to be a entertainment reporter. I was going to school for journalism. And I was like, so I'm going to take this internship and then get offered a job. And literally be in the same position I was in when I left my job because that's not what I wanted. And I was like, okay, wait. So it took me 10 months or a year to actually start my brick and mortar business at that time.

(14:12): Just because you make a pivot or a shift doesn't necessarily mean you need to know in that moment, how everything is going to work out. Like I had no idea. I was like half of our household income. I was literally cleaning houses on the side for half a year just to figure out what I wanted to do. Like I was willing to do whatever. Right? Well, in the, how is it your job? And you know, I just got this nudge to say this. If there's somebody who is listening to this right now, and you need to press pause for a minute and be like, shoot, that's me. Why am I going to work? And today could be the first day of the rest of your life, where you just ask yourself that question. You go home, get out a journal and

(14:52): A clean slate. And you ask yourself, why, why are you doing this? Why is this the life that you want to live in? If not, why not take the first step today? That is, what's so cool about the power of human potential and transformation is you can literally make a decision like today that the game's going to change and tomorrow could look a little different and the next day a little different. So let Erin be your catalyst. I feel like your community is the perfect place for people to get started. You wanna share a little bit about how they could be involved?

(15:23): Yeah, of course. So I have a community on Facebook. I believe there's about 700 of us now. So when they get CEO, you can just put in the little search bar or I'm sure maybe you'll put the link in the show notes. I'm also on Instagram, at soul naked, everything. So naked CEO, so soul naked CEO. And yeah, I would love to have you and you do coaching as well. I do. So the community is a free community. We talk a lot about mindset and energy and manifestation and our limitless potential and spirituality meets feminine embodiment in business. And I do coaching as well. So I do one on one coaching. I do group coaching. I do I'm at mastermind. So I have an array of different offerings at different price points, really, depending on where you're at in your business. So I do work, I would say 95% of my clients are already in business because that's my experience. And that's, I love to help women with a vision just rip apart, any limitations and energy blocks that are still there. So yeah. Does that answer your question? Your question about that?

(16:28): It does. It does. Thank you. And then are there just any final notes? This is one of my longest episodes that I have talking to you. Is there anything lastly that you'd just love to say to someone who's I'm ready? I'm ready.

(16:41): Yeah. I would say just take a second. Like if you're listening to this or when you're done, like listening to this, don't just go back to the normal routine or whatever it is, like jump from this to something else. I would say, take a minute, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and literally just ask yourself what would excite me? What would light me up? What is it I really deeply desire to do? What do I want to bring to the world? Like what, and you don't have to have the full answer, but I just start asking yourself questions about what it is that feels like it's pulling at you. And I want you to remember at the end of the day, when any thoughts that come up that disagree with your desires, any buts, anything that's like? Hmm. Yeah, but you can't. Yeah, but that's just your ego. Like any thoughts that disagree with your desire is not true. It doesn't, it's not true. Right? You get to decide again, you are worthy of what you want. Anything is available to you and you just have to be willing to decide that it's available and the universe will reveal to you opportunities, people and experiences for you to bring it to fruition. And like that's that's law. That's true.

(17:50): Mic drop. Boom. That was so good. And I'm so excited that you were on here and I really appreciate you taking the time. I know you're traveling right now. So it's a big commitment for you to do, but thank you so much. And I look forward to seeing how this continues to unravel. I think it's going to be 700 people into 7,000 people and it's a beautiful community. So thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I really, really enjoyed this conversation. Me too. Thanks.

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