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  • Why fear is the key to a free, abundant life. (3:20)
  • How a great community gives you the blissful life you were meant to enjoy. (5:49)
  • Feel stuck? Fast-forward to 6:38 to build an authentic life you love!
  • Why being excited about Fridays is a sign of being unfulfilled. (10:09)

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Welcome to the Sip and Soul Podcast. My name's Angie Leitnaker - transformational coach, self development junkie, network marketing advocate. For over a decade I've been obsessed with the power of human potential and realize that the recipe is the same whether you're 4 or 104. In this show you'll learn the recipe for living your best life through positive vibes and a soulful tribe. So grab a cup, let's fill yours up.

Hi everyone. I am so excited to welcome Rachel Kurt here. She is a boss and she is one of those people we talk about all the time, like following your dreams and creating your own reality. And she has really been such an inspiration for so many women. So I'm really excited for you to get to know her. And so Rachel, just tell us a little bit, what is your story? What led you to doing what you do and tell us what that is that you do?

(00:50): Yeah, thanks for having me. I'm doing this in my upstairs closet slash bedroom right now at my house here in Columbus, Ohio. And I have a company called the BD boost, which I started about five years ago in early, I think 2015. Now our whole mission is to help women feel empowered, healthy, and beautiful. And we fulfill that mission by offering these different events and experiences for women. So really anything from we do weekend retreat, getaways two day retreats. We have fitness events as little as, you know, 30 women, more intimate or as big as 300 women empowerment workshops, which I kind of explained as something to help you feel more connected to your soul. And then we have socials. So things like book club or clothing swaps or things like that. And then, you know, with COVID and everything, we've definitely turned more virtual, which is good and bad.

(01:43): So now we're able to reach women all over. So it doesn't even matter where you're listening from as we begin to sprinkle back in those in-person connection of it. Love it, love it, love it. So I have had the luxury of attending some of your events and they're so much fun because there are so many women just empowering and supporting one another. But I'm curious, what led you to doing this? Like, were you ever in the corporate nine to five world? Yeah, so I'm 34. I've had many jobs prior to this. I worked for L brands. That's headquartered here in Columbus, Ohio. I've worked for st. Jude children's research, hospital, marketing firms, freelance work, et cetera. And I always say, when people ask me this, it started as my selfish reason as I just did not feel fulfilled personally, working a day job. I know that some people don't mind that and that's great, but just for me, even, you know, even when I was doing amazing work for st.

(02:37): Jude children's research hospital, I think arguably nobody can really say any childhood cancer. Isn't that amazing cause, but I just didn't feel fulfilled with what I was doing. I didn't have a huge passion going into my office line. So that's sort of what I just had that restless feeling every single day. And I felt guilty for feeling that way because on the outside, looking in nothing was wrong. I felt like I should feel thankful and fortunate, which I did to have a paycheck. I actually liked my coworkers. You know, all the stuff you're supposed to have. And at that time, I really wasn't surrounded by other women doing their own thing, or really knew this whole other life could exist, which I'm obviously around all the time now. So it was pretty scary at the time. I didn't know that I had options, but that's what started me in the direction of seeking out what I wanted by working with a life coach.

(03:30): And the reason I did chose the beauty boost was just because I felt like at that time I knew what I was good at, which was putting events together. I was always like the advice giver of my friends. I was the kid watching the slumber parties every weekend at my house. So it's funny if you start to look back and see where your interests lie, even though it makes zero sense at the time, how it can all come together. And I heard from a lot of women during that time that they were just unfulfilled like me, whether it was in their career, maybe they were in a toxic relationship. You know, they had their friends that they could go to happy hours with, but they didn't have friends that they could go hiking with are like-minded that wanted personal development and this like inkling to grow.

(04:15): So I was hearing all these similar stories of very different women all around the same time. That really helped mold the foundation of what we are. Oh my goodness. I had goosebumps so much of your speaking because so many women, I mean, we host retreats globally. And a lot of the things that you just touched on are things that so many women can relate to, like the show or the feeling guilty. Like I should feel more fulfilled and I just am not. And I know that a lot of people can resonate with that. I personally can as well. So I know you touched on it a little bit, but what do you feel is your like zone of genius? Like what wakes you up in the morning? What makes you love this work so much? Hmm. That's hard to answer in one thing, but I guess not to sound cheesy, but just like seeing, we see women sometimes come to an event and then I see them evolve and grow as they keep coming to our events experiences.

(05:08): And after two years, it's like, they're a whole different person. They just came out of their shell to who they always were supposed to be. So really just watching women live the potential that's inside them. So, you know, sometimes our events are more fun and silly and fufu, and then you come to a retreat weekend, that's where real change happens. Or you come to an empowerment workshop and you keep coming to those things and grabbing different pieces and nuggets of what you need. And I feel like inch by inch, it does help you find your voice and truth and listen to that inner dialogue a little easier. So that's, I mean, that's what I love. Well, in just being in that situation, I know you touched on that earlier. You know, we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with.

(05:47): We are the sum of our community. And so a lot of us weren't taught to grow or to expand where to chase our dreams. But then when you're in these communities of everyone, like following their bliss and they're reaching for a grander version of themselves, or they're following more fulfillment, it's like, you can't help it permeate you. Right. Yeah. It's almost weird to think about how I used to be like, well, I don't know why I didn't, you know, so you become this new normal of yourself because of the people you're with and they're all just doing it. And then, you know, you chat with someone who is the me five for six, seven, eight years ago. And it's like, Oh, that's what I love is helping them reach that full potential because they're still in that spot where they don't have those people. They don't know their options.

(06:32): Yeah. And stuck. So that leads into my next question. And I think you alluded to it with the unstuck part, but what do you tell someone who maybe attends their very first event? And they're like, I just don't know, like they have this limited paradigm, they just punch a time clock. They are feeling unfulfilled. Like, what do you tell that person? Who's like, I feel like there's more, but I just don't know. Yeah. well I always am a big advocate for coaching. I mean, I, like I said, I had a life coach and I don't even know what the word life coach meant back in the day, my friend just needed like a dummy pro bono suited to practice on. And it was the most beneficial thing I've ever done. And from there, you know, I've continued to work with business coaches and things, but if you don't have that ability, I would say, just start to get I hate the phrase, like get curious, but you know, start to journey.

(07:20): There's a, there's a blend of things. I don't think there's one right answer. If you can get a coach, get a coach because it's somebody that's gonna hold you accountable. Make you ask questions. You might not ask yourself if that's not available to you, just start to listen to podcasts that are more self development, you know, play a YouTube video for 10 minutes. When you get ready in the morning, things like that. Start to read more developmental books, put yourself out there in, again, not the word networking, but you know, events where there are people doing the things that are living less type of lifestyle you are attracted to in journaling, I think is really helpful. You know, sometimes people are like, I don't know what to journal about. Just start writing. Like I feel stuck, blah, blah, blah, and asking yourself questions. And so I think just doing this internal work again, not one I answered with all these different styles of resources, we'll start to inch a little closer, but I would, I would really encourage them to get a coach and we help, I coach sometimes with women or, you know, if I'm not the right person for them, I'll refer them to somebody else.

(08:23): Yeah. I cannot recommend that highly enough. Like you, 12 years ago, I hired my first, well, I started my self development journey and when I hired my first coach, like, I didn't even know that coaching was a thing, but then I would hear people say like find somebody who has something, one thing figured out that you don't have figured out. And I was like, okay. And so then I'd hire the next coach that had one more thing and then the next, and it's so fun to watch that. Yeah. And I, I think it's important just like anybody, you gotta find someone you mesh with, but I think most great would offer, they offer, should offer an introduction call just to make sure your personalities mesh and you know, what you're signing up for. So for sure. So where could somebody find you, like if they wanted to do coaching with you?

(09:08): Yeah. Well, I'm like an open book on our website. It's the beauty boost.net. So my cell phone's on there. My email, my Instagram is the beauty boost. I check all of our DMS, but really the website is the best way just to be an email. Awesome. Do you do one on one coaching to do group coaching? What are your, yeah, I actually don't even market it that much, but we have a group coaching program it's every 90 days called find your wild. And then I also do one on one and I usually mainly coach women that are feeling stuck primarily in their career. And they either don't know what they want to do, or they have this side passion or hobby they thought about for a long time, but they don't know how to make it a thing love.

(09:55): So would you have any final thoughts, anything that you would like to tell anybody that might be listening in right now? Wow. So open-ended yeah, I don't know. I just, I don't want to sound like a bumper sticker, but to me it's like the worst thing in the world is just to let life pass you by or to go through the motions, you know, and we all have those seasons of life, but if that's every day, every week, every year for you, and you're just trying to fast forward to Friday, that's not the way to live your life. And I don't come from a family of money. I'm not married, you know, it's, it wasn't handed to me. So I think everybody has to a degree equal opportunity in terms of, you know, Google, what can you learn on your own or pre resources of podcasts or library books?

(10:43): You know, there's a ton of different ways to go about it. So if you do find yourself just kind of going through the motions and you're feeling really stuck, just start to take a little steps with these tools that we talked about to start to kind of just dive in and know that there's more, and I think just paying attention to the things in your life that do light you up, even if it doesn't make sense, like you're at a baseball sporting event, you love it. Jot that in your notes. You know, just any things that bring you to your element. That's so good. Well, just like you were saying earlier about the clues, like your whole life actually does leave clues. Like if you love making a lemonade stand when you were a child and you love to create something, right? I mean, just like you were sharing about your life, like there are clues in our lives. And I think sometimes we get so busy adulting or existing and not living that. We forget that there's actually like our soul is yearning to experience this life more fully. So I feel like you do that with your mission and your events. I followed you for a long time of where I got to know you. So I'm so, so grateful that you're here. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you so much, Rachel. And I hope everybody checks you out and we can further uncover journey.

(11:59): This podcast is awakening something inside you. If you are feeling lost unfulfilled or uninspired and want to gain clarity, if you're ready to shine from within and create your most soulful life, then join us in our seven day affirmation challenge series, where we'll program your mind into believing that you can create the most fulfilled life. Go to www sip and soul showed.com to sign up today.

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