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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why losing your dream job is the quickest path to your dream life. (1:16)
  • Why your hardships don’t define you—and how to attract everything you want in your life. (2:30)
  • The secret to living your best life, whether you’re 4 or 104. (3:35)
  • Why you can toss out your business plan if your heart is in your business. (3:42)
  • How to awaken your dreams when you feel like you’ve lost them. (4:48)

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Welcome to the Sip and Soul Podcast. My name's Angie Leitnaker - transformational coach, self development junkie, network marketing advocate. For over a decade I've been obsessed with the power of human potential and realize that the recipe is the same whether you're 4 or 104. In this show you'll learn the recipe for living your best life through positive vibes and a soulful tribe. So grab a cup, let's fill yours up.

Hi everyone. Welcome to the first episode. I am so happy to be here and so grateful to be on this journey with you. Just so you know, I went each episode to provide as much value as possible. I will try to keep these under 20 minutes so that you can squeeze them into the nooks and crannies of your life. But it has been something that has been calling on my heart for a really long time.

(00:48): Just to give you a little background about me and why I feel so passionate about sharing with other people. I was a first grade school teacher for 13 years. They absolutely loved it. It was the only thing I've wanted to do since I was in the sixth grade. The time I had a pretty limited paradigm. One of those where you just, you learn to wake up, go to college, do the, do you know, work to pay your bills. And that all got flipped upside down. About 12 years ago when I lost my dad and a bunch of people in my family. And I don't know if you can relate to this, but sometimes the biggest blessings come from the greatest hardships. And that is exactly what happened to me in my situation. So I lost my dad, a bunch of people in my family. And I was just like in the movie, Rocky, I felt like life was just hard.

(01:45): And I kept skinning my knees and I had no capacity to help my mom who had been married for 33 years. And I had no capacity to help the students that I taught. I realized suddenly that a lot of us don't have tools and techniques to deal with the hard stuff in life. And oftentimes we're, contingently happy. We're happy as long as everything is going amazing, but then sometimes life knocks us down and we're like, now what? So that just sent me into a huge self-development journey. I just made a deal with God universe source. Like if I can figure this out, I want to be able to help other people. And at the time I just didn't even know that I could. But what I have learned is that no matter what you've been through, no matter how hard things have been or how much light you feel has been taken out of your world, there are tools and techniques that you can integrate starting today to live a life on your terms.

(02:45): One that happens you love to live a life full of abundance and gratitude. And what I found is that there are certain pillars that whether you're 4 or 104, you can integrate into your life. So self-love, forgiveness, gratitude, positive psychology connection to source. There are so many different factors that really do make life tastes more yummy again. So I, long story short, I had been doing this work for several years and I was exercising with one of my dear friends. And my degree at the time was an early childhood education. Her degree was in funeral directing. So can we talk for a minute about both sides of the spectrum, but what we found was all of those pillars that I just shared with you were the same. The recipe for a wholehearted life was the same, whether you were 4 or 104. And so with having zero experience hosting retreats, we felt like the next logical thing to do would be to host a retreat of our own, really with no business plan.

(03:53): Just really with the heart to share, like it was one of those things that was literally waking me up at three o'clock in the morning. And at the time I was teaching first grade, I was, you know, working on my masters, doing all of these things. I had been planning a wedding and it was my husband's like, are you crazy? You're waking up at three in the morning. And I'm like, I don't know why I'm feeling this call to share with people, but I have to share these things that I'm learning. So long story short, we held our first retreat with no expectation of having anything else. We barely charged a penny and every woman there was like, when's your next one? I went to bring my mom, my sister, my aunt needs to hear this. And so we held another one and held another one and really just built our business organically with just the heart to share the things we were learning and to create a community of people who love, they support.

(04:47): They empower. They remember the calling in their hearts. They remember that they have dreams inside of them that maybe have been laying dormant for a minute. And so that really is my greatest passion in life. And, you know, we've worked with women's prisons since then, we have worked with addiction centers. We've hosted lots and lots and lots of too many to count of retreats globally. And it's just been the coolest blessing. So I just hope that you find value in this. I hope that you connect. I hope you find support. And really this is the answer to the prayer that I had a long time ago, that maybe if I figure something out and there's somebody out there that's struggling, that our paths can merge. And so if you're here, I do believe that it's on purpose. And I do believe that you all are here on purpose with purpose and for purpose. And may we all be able to link arms together in this journey? So I look forward to the days ahead.

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