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In this episode, we're here to dish out insights and advice on FAA Medical Certification – this time tackling the ever-sensitive subject of PTSD.

This episode isn't just about the challenges – we'll chat about how PTSD cases are nuanced and don't necessarily dash hopes of keeping that medical certificate.

So, fasten your seat belts as we discuss aviation medicine, examining the risk of recurrent symptoms, the role of psychiatric evaluation, and the necessity of truthfulness in medical applications. We’ve also got the latest scoop on the new AME guideline for PTSD.

Grab your co-pilot and let's navigate the sometimes hazy skies of FAA Medical Certification together.

Show Highlights:

  • Good news – PTSD won’t automatically disqualify you from getting your certificate [00:03:10]
  • Can airmen with PTSD get instant medical certification? [00:07:29]
  • The 7 questions you need know if you have a PTSD diagnosis [00:09:54]
  • FAA's requirements for PTSD evaluation: What's needed? [00:16:38]
  • Should I provide a personal statement to the FAA? [00:17:59]
  • The importance of an evaluation by a HIMS psychiatrist [00:19:56]
  • What is the blue button file? [00:24:38]
  • How to expedite FAA medical application processing? [00:27:38]
  • Can PTSD history coexist with FAA certification? [00:28:54]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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