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Hey, welcome to today’s episode, where I’m going to uncover the App Secrets, From A $1 Billion Dollar Productivity App.

I’ll be sharing the 2 fundamental lessons you can take with you and apply to your app business today.

So stay tuned!

I was speaking with an app developer recently who was in the process of trying to clone an existing popular gaming app. I checked out the app and honestly, it wasn’t very good. I’ll be honest, it was garbage...

The reality is, in today's market, there are hundreds of thousands of poor quality Apps already on the market.

And every so often, Apple eliminates, and removes them all, from the App Store to never be seen again. They do this in order to improve the quality of the App Store.

So whatever you do, I implore you, don't waste your time cloning an existing App, or creating an App with no true, unique value.

How we spend our time, each day, reflects who we are. So why not choose to create something amazing and original? Right?

I believe that if you do what everyone else does but a little bit better, you’ll have a slight advantage. But if you do what no one else does, you’ll have an enormous leap of an advantage.

Instead of directly copying an existing successful App, you want to model its success.

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

Modeling success.

A wonderful example, is the Billion Dollar productivity app called Evernote.

Something most people don’t know, is that Evernote was originally launched, back in 2000 by Stepan Pachikov as a desktop application for taking notes wa, before it was a mobile app.

It wasn’t until 2008, when co-founder Phil Libin launched the mobile app version.

And in the early years, Phil Libin focused their initial resources and budget on nothing else but, Product Development.

They did this to be able to work towards creating the best organizing productivity App available on the market.

This meant that their initial growth, of the app, would be very slow at first.

Evernote’s co-founder Phil Libin once shared, “People who are thinking about things, other than making the best product, never make the best product.”

I believe this to be so true.

Evernote has since continued to be one of the top Apps on the market, valued at more than $1 billion dollars with 100’s of Millions of active users and make improvements based on what they want.

So here are 2 lessons we can learn from this Billion Dollar Productivity App.

And these lessons, can be applied to ANY app, in ANY category.

Lesson #1: Be so go they can’t ignore you.

Focus on creating something, people simply can’t live without.

But don’t fall in love with your app. Instead, fall in love with your users.

Today, hundreds of millions of people use Evernote on a regular basis.

The reality is, there are thousands of similar competing note-taking and productivity apps on the market, yet, Evernote continues to rise to the top. Why? Because they have created something that is easy, intuitive, and something people simply can’t live without.

Just as how I mentioned their co-founder Phil Libin shared, they continue to invest and focus their time and energy, on making the absolute best product available.

Not based on what they think users need, but based on the feedback, of what users actually want. There is a big difference.

They continue to improve their user’s experience.

So I encourage you to consider, your best next step for your app business, maybe improving your user experience, to ensure that it’s truly remarkable.

One thing we do with private clients, is a User Experience Review.

Where our team goes through the app in detail, and recommends unique user experience enhancement that the top apps incorporate in order to maximize engagement, retention, and sales.

We have found that just minor tweaks to the experience can drive profound results.

And by the way.. If you need help making your app user-centric, and want us to manage your marketing for you…

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Lesson #2: Focusing on Growth Marketing.

Now, this may sound counter-intuitive as lesson #1 is about focusing on creating the best product.

But what good, is creating the most amazing product in the world, if people don’t know that it exists, and can’t discover and download it? Right?

Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

The age old mentality of “If You Built It, They Will Come”, doesn’t work in today's market anymore.

As legendary business leader Peter Druker once said, any successful business is comprised of 2 parts. Marketing & Innovation.

Both marketing and innovation go hand in hand. You can’t have a successful app business without them.

Evernote spends Million of Dollars on marketing to ensure they stay at the top of the App Store. They now spend much much more on marketing, than the average productivity app on the market.

One thing that the top app business owners understand, is that when it comes to marketing, it’s those that can spend the most, to acquire new users, and still be profitable, wins.

I want to repeat that again because it’s incredibly important. When it comes to marketing, it’s those that can spend the most, to acquire new users, and still be profitable, wins.

Think about it… There are thousands of Candy Crush clones out there, yet Candy Crush is still the dominant player.

There are thousands of Dating apps yet Tinder is still a dominant player. It’s not because they have a special feature others don’t .

It’s because they market themselves, much better than their competitors.

This is why marketing is the lifeblood of any successful app.

To wrap it up, the key lessons, that I hope you get out of today episode is that any successful app business is comprised of 2 parts. Marketing & Innovation.

So Lesson #1 is Be so go they can’t ignore you. Focus on creating something people simply can’t live without.

Lesson #2 is Focusing on Growth Marketing. If you can spend more than your competitors on marketing, and still be profitable. You will win.

Well, I hope you found value from today’s episode! If so, make sure to share it, with someone that you believe might find it helpful!

As always, I appreciate you, and encourage you, to live a bigger life, and a bigger app business as you continue to make your dream a reality.

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