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If you google the term, “App Marketing” there are 100’s of strategies, tactics, and temporary growth hacks that come up in the search results.

So, of the 100’s of strategies available, which will actually work for you? Which should you focus your attention and resources on, in order to achieve your goals?

Well, the truth is, many of the top apps on the market, really boil down all their marketing initiatives into 3 categories. These 3 categories is what it comprised of what we at PreApps call the User Acquisition Machine.

And that’s what i’m going to share with you today.

I’m going to share how to attract high-value users, at an affordable cost, using the User Acquisition Machine.

So stay tuned!

I was recently consulting with a multi billion-dollar app in the social networking category, at our agency, and for legal reasons, I can’t disclose their name.

But on our last call, they shared what was working well with their marketing efforts, what they needed help with, and what their focus point was for this year.

When going through their current initiatives, it was clear, why certain things were working well and why others were not.

But since they had already implemented the fundamental marketing initiatives, we could make small little tweaks in these strategies, and really see massive results.

But of the dozens of strategies that this billion dollar app was implementing, on an ongoing basis, they can all be summed up into 3 categories.

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

It doesn’t matter if you have 0 downloads or over a Billion Downloads… Ultimately there are 3 types of ways, to acquire users to your app.

This is what we at PreApps call the User Acquisition Machine

In todays landscape, these 3 pieces are really no longer optional, but required, in order to grow your app to a large scale.

There’s traffic you can control, traffic you don’t control, and traffic you own and I go into each of these in a second.

And it’s my goal that these 3 categories, will simplify the way you think about app marketing and how to get more downloads and users to your app at an affordable cost.

So let’s jump in!

The 1st traffic source in our User Acquisition Machine is Organic.

This type of acquisition method includes every channel that drives organic users to your app to naturally discover, and download it.

So how do you get organic downloads? Well, this is done through channels such as App Store Optimization, PR, Viral Video Marketing, and getting your app Featured by Apple.

This is traffic you can’t really control because, for example, you can’t say “I want 1 Million organic downloads next month, and pay X to get it like you can with Facebook Ads.

It’s something you have to work towards.

So something you may not know however, is that a majority of all app downloads in the world don’t come from Facebook ads, do not come from google ads, or even word of mouth…

A majority of all downloads, statistically over 68% of all downloads, come directly from App Store Search. Meaning a majority of all downloads come naturally from people searching the App Store to find apps that they are looking for.

This is done primarily through App Store Optimization.

So a majority of all downloads in the world come organically.

And believe it or not.. Apple has reported that the App Store alone gets over 500 Million weekly visitors worldwide. That’s 2 Billion visitors per month that can potentially download your app. Isn’t that amazing?

But getting in front of these users and having your app ranked at the top of the search results isn’t easy. It takes hard work.

But the more keywords your app will rank for, the more downloads you will get.

The 2nd category in our User Acquisition Machine is Paid Traffic.

This is the traffic you can directly control and can scale very quickly with. This type of acquisition method includes Facebook ads, Influencer Marketing, Programmatic Ads, YouTube ads, and any other channels that have a cost per download method.

This is something that the top apps implement to grow very quickly, but is also the most expensive. One average it cost between $3-$5 per download here in the United States to advertise on Facebook for example.

So if you want 100,000 downloads it cost on average $300,000 to get them with FB Ads.

If you do paid traffic, for most apps, we recommend focusing your initial resources instead on Apple Search Ads and Google Search UAC instead of Facebook..

The reason why we recommend running (Apple Search Ads or Google Search UAC) instead of Facebook Ads or Snapchat ads for example is that since Apple owns and manages both Apple Search ads and the App Store itself, the more that you spend on Apple Search Ads the more your organic growth will increase as well directly on the App Store.

Whereas Facebook and Snapchat ads are a one to one exchange. With them, you spend for example $3 and get 1 download. Whereas if you focus on Apple Search ads you can double your downloads in half the cost.

The ultimate goal is to turn the traffic that you can control, and pay for, into traffic you own. This goes into our next category.

The 3rd traffic source in our User Acquisition Machine is Leveraging Your Existing Users.

This is your own user base of people who have already, downloaded your app, as well as people on your email list, and using any other app you own.

These are existing users that you can tap into, to entice, to share your app with others. It’s the referral and word of mouth effect.

Having your existing users, sharing your app for you, is critical, and a huge contributor to Uber, Instagram, and Spotify’s early growth.

For example, Uber’s co-founder Travis Kalanick, back in 2011, stated, “95%, of their riders have heard about Uber, from other Uber riders. For every 7 rides they do, those users, generate a new rider.”

Think about that for a second. He’s saying that for every 7 riders they do, they get a new rider simply from their existing user base.

Now, I bet some of you listening right now are thinking, “Wow this is a lot to manage!”

Well, it is. Luckily, you don't need to do it all on your own. In fact, you’re not meant to. You can only be as successful, as the team and experts you surround yourself with.

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You simply enter your app name, and let our tool do the rest.

If you want access to this special software tool simple click the link in the show notes, or head on over to PreApps.com.

We spent 3 years building this, and created this tool as a public service. I’m tired of seeing so many apps struggle. I want you to avoid the pitfalls most face when marketing their app.

So go ahead and see how we rate your app, and get all the insights on what to fix, by clicking the link in the show notes or head over to PreApps.com.

So to wrap it up, it’s my hope that this episode provided you with some clarity on how to think and categorize your app marketing efforts, in order to get you more downloads, users, and sales.

The main point is, if you want to be successful and reach millions of downloads, then your marketing channels can really be boiled down to these 3 sources.
So I encourage you to consider, which of these 3 pieces of the user acquisition machine are you currently lacking?

Where are a majority of your downloads coming from now? Is it Organic,from App Store Optimization?

Paid traffic through Facebook Ads, or referrals from word of mouth from existing users?

Take a second after this episode and think about where you need to focus your time and resources on.

Well I hope you found value from today’s episode! If so, make sure to share it, with someone that you believe might find it helpful.

Please make sure to rate and review us if you haven’t already.

As always, I appreciate you, and encourage you, to live a bigger life, and a bigger app business as you continue to make your dream a reality.

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