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Sean: Hey, welcome to today's episode where I'm going to be sharing how to launch billion-dollar app. You see, over the years, my team and I have had the privilege of working with and helping some of the top, most successful doing dollar apps out there like Netflix, ADT, and even Security Master with about 550 million downloads so far. And the truth is the top most successful apps in the market incorporate the same fundamental traits when launching their app.

So, today, I'm going to uncover the three pillars to launch your apps successfully and to maximize your downloads in today's market, but not how you might actually think. So, stay tuned.

Hey, I'm Sean Casto, and I have helped thousands of apps over the years to go from zero to millions of downloads in sales, turn their app dream into a reality and become financially free. And it's now my mission to help others like you succeed. So, how do you build and grow an app business from nothing to millions of downloads in sales? Well, this is the “App Secrets Podcast.”

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever asked yourself, How in the world do I make sure my app is launched successfully, or how do I systematically and predictably get more downloads, users and sales? If so, then this episode is for you.

I’ve found that most app business owners want to impact the world in their own way with their creation, whether it's providing people with entertainment with an exciting new gaming app, improving people's health with a new fitness app or even helping people find their soulmate with a new dating app.

But, unfortunately, the lack of expertise, the team and resources make it impossible for most apps to succeed in today's market. The sad truth is statistically 95 percent of new apps fail within the first year. [02:04.3]

I mean, there are over 3,000 new apps introduced into the market every single day, not to mention the millions already available. This means that there are hundreds of new gaming apps, hundreds of new entertainment apps, hundreds of new fitness and dating apps launched daily.

This means without incorporating the right techniques and strategies, there is a 95 percent probability that your app will fail to be discovered and fail to get the downloads that you're looking to achieve. And maybe you've already launched your app and you're feeling that struggle right now.

That's why, today, I'm going to be sharing the three pillars to launch your apps successfully and to maximize downloads—the same three pillars billion-dollar apps incorporate, essentially, what the top 5 percent of apps to do to succeed. Apply these items to your launch and you'll be off to the races. Even if your app is already available, you can still apply these principles to ignite your growth as well. [03:00.3]
All right, let's dive in.

Pillar number 1 is all about maximizing the discoverability of your app. Now, I know what you might be thinking. This sounds like common sense, but I assure you it's not common practice.

Did you know that the majority of all downloads in the world don't come from word of mouth? The majority of all downloads in the world don't come from Facebook or any type of social media platform, for that matter. You see the majority of all downloads in the world, statistically, 63 percent, come from the App Store search results. Can you guess how many people visit the App Store each week, looking for apps?

I want you to think about it for a second. How many people would you guess visit the app store each week looking for apps? Whatever the number you're thinking right now, you probably need to multiply it by 10.

You see, Apple has reported that, every single week, the App Store alone gets over 500 million weekly visitors worldwide. Isn't that insane? Five hundred million weekly visitors. That's over 2 billion people searching for apps every single month. It's almost hard to wrap your head around, and that's only with the App Store. I'm sure Google Play gets probably another 500 million visitors per week as well. [04:22.3]

For example, there are people that are searching for dating apps and the most downloaded, number-one ranked app out there I believe right now is Tinder, or they search for rideshare and download the number-one app that's out there, which I believe right now is ranked as Uber—and this is all done through what is called advanced app store optimization.

For those unfamiliar with app store optimization, it's all about how your app appears and ranks on the App Store and Google Play, which means getting your app to rank for more keywords in the App Store search results. This is important because the more keywords you rank for, the more downloads you will get. [05:00.8]

Let me repeat that because it's really, really important. The more keywords that you rank for, the more downloads you will get. It’s all about getting the perfect users to discover and download your app within the masses every single day for free.

This is something that most first-time app business owners get wrong. They just launched and hope that their app is going to be discovered, but as I mentioned before, 95 percent of apps fail in the first year. The big idea here is that the majority of all downloads in the world come from App Store search results. If you focus on this and the more keywords you rank for, the more downloads you will get, and it's not a onetime thing either.

Most app creators select a certain type of keywords, and they just set it and forget. It doesn't really work that way. If you're looking to continually get more downloads, you therefore need to continue to work towards it. I'll be honest, a ranking at the top of the search results isn't easy. Think about it, the App Store is prime real estate, right? Ranking number one for a popular keyword and it could mean hundreds of thousands of free downloads over the year for that particular app, but you're competing with millions of downloads available. [06:08.1]

We speak with a ton of app business owners each week and a lot of people come to our agency because they're finding that app store optimization has become less effective for them than it used to be with so much competition. That really causes them to feel stressed and out because the stuff that they’ve built their app business on is starting to erode and it makes them feel uncertain about the future, which is totally understandable.

This is why you need to work with experts and keep up with what's working right now since Apple and Google algorithms change regularly, and that determines obviously how apps are ranked. This is why our team actually meets with Apple and Google monthly to stay on top of what's working to best support our clients.

The next pillar, Pillar number 2, is about boosting download conversions with having the right videos for your app. Let's say that you spend money on marketing and you get 100,000 people to come to your app store profile page. That would be great, right? But what good is a 100,000 people to come to your app store profile page if only one or two actually download it? And this happens all the time. [07:12.8]

This is why understanding and increasing your download conversion rate is so important. This is all about figuring out how to get the maximum out of people who come to your app store page to actually download it, and a video is the most powerful conversion tool to do that.

The main thing to understand here is that videos have really become a standard in the industry and something your potential users will expect. It's important now that nine out of 10 of the top apps in the market rely on video as their main method for user acquisition and downloads.

Why did they do this? Because video is the most powerful tool to get downloads upon the app store, so much that Apple now displays your videos by default before your screenshots. Apple previously recommended one video to be displayed on the App Store and now allow for multiple videos. This means that if you don't have the right promotional videos for each platform, your app is going to be at a disadvantage. [08:06.5]
If your app is, for example, on the App Store and Google Play, then you'll need at least three different types of videos:
- One for the App Store as what Apple calls an app preview video, which has very strict requirements, by the way.
- One for the Google Play store called the Android demo video.
- Then, one for social media. This would be like your promotional video that would promote both the iOS and Android version.

And so, each video needs to be created differently and optimized for each platform that it's going to be on. Apple obviously won't approve videos that you'd use on the Google Play store, so it has to be created for each platform that you're going to be using it for.

I know some of you listening may now actually already have videos for your app, but aren't really seeing the results, and the reason why you're not seeing the result is because you have the wrong types of videos. We see it all the time. Our team has had the privilege of producing hundreds of successful videos over the years, and we know what works and what doesn't work in today's market. [09:06.8]

You see, your videos must incorporate three things effectively—they must educate, excite and inspire users to download your app instantaneously. And what worked last year doesn't necessarily work this year, so your videos must stay up to date.

All right, the third pillar—Pillar number 3 is all about market validation, which is primarily through securing press and immediate exposure. This means leveraging the press and media outlets to promote your app for you to millions of potential users.
This is really key for two main reasons.

If you want your app to be a dominant force in your category and compete with others, you need to get third-party market validation from others. What good is you and your mother saying how amazing your app is? People just aren't going to necessarily believe you in today's markets. With so much competition, people only download apps that have already been downloaded by people and media outlets they respect. There's a reason why you hear about the top apps in the news regularly. It's not because they want to; it's because they need to in order to be able to stay relevant and top of mind. [10:14.7]

The main reason, number two, is in order to be able to get a boost in downloads. You see, by leveraging the press, you're able to have outlets validate and promote your app for you to millions of potential users that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get access to.

The problem, though, is in today's market, since everyone mostly understands the importance of this, the editors at these publications get bombarded and they get pitched a hundred times a day from app developers trying to get their app reviewed. This is why you need to build relationships on your own in advance with these editors and media outlets, or work with an agency, of course, with pre-established relationships to secure it for you.

So, can you guess what the apps Airbnb, Snapchat and Tinder all have in common? They dominate these same three pillars. It's no coincidence. [11:07.8]

For example, if you look at the numbers and dissect them, you'll see, for example, Airbnb gets hundreds of thousands of downloads for free via app store optimization by ranking at the top of the keywords such as “vacation rentals,” or they have multiple videos being shared across the web with incredibly high conversion rates, and they all get press and media exposure regularly, leveraging the press and media outlets to promote that for them to millions of potential users and really staying top of mind.

Now, I bet some of you listening may have even tried some of these items before and they just didn't work for you. Having worked with thousands of apps over the years, I can tell you it's most likely that you didn’t incorporate the right techniques when implementing them. That's going to be key.

Wrap it up, if there's one thing I want you to get out of today's episode, it's this—marketing is the lifeblood of any successful app business and focusing on these three pillars upon launch will be key. [12:05.7]

So this is what I want you to do. I want you to look at your app business and see which of these pillars you are lacking right now.

Have you been implementing advanced app store optimization into your app on a continual basis?
Do you have the right videos for your app across each platform?

Have you been continually getting press and media exposure to validate and promote your app for you?
Where do you need to focus your attention and resources?

If you want help and want us to incorporate these pillars into your app, just as we've done for others, you can go ahead and apply to speak with one of our app growth specialists as well by clicking the link in the show notes or head on over to Preapps.com.

That’s it for today's episode. In our next episode, I'm going to be sharing how to 10X your downloads with this one powerful concept. You're not going to want to miss this one, so stay tuned.

As always, I appreciate you and I encourage you to live a big life, a bigger app business, as you continue to make your dream a reality. [13:04.0]

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