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“Bullets should not give it away. They should create curiosity. They should create intrigue. They should create mystique.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
Digital Marketing Spending Averages 2.5% of Company Revenue
Main Topic:
Focus On Developing SKILLS In These Three Areas Gets You More Leads, More Sales & Decreases Your Marketing Costs (Right Before The Episode We Do With Kevin Rodgers)
Skill #1: Headlines (Copywriting 101)
Skill #2: Storytelling (Copywriting 201)
Skill #3: Bullets (Copywriting Mastery)… READ MORE

“What could be happening is people aren’t spending enough money to see it really take hold and so they get stuck at 10%, because they get a little scared.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
10.4% The amount of revenue that was spent on marketing by small business http://www.gartner.com/technology/research/digital-marketing/digital-marketing-spend-report.jsp
Main Topic:
How much money should you spend on marketing
Links and other stuff mentioned in this show:

“Normal people live paycheck to paycheck. Real estate agents live transaction to transaction. The first step you need to do is get away from that.” – Darin Persinger

Jonathan’s 3 Big Business Mistakes

“If they’re willing to mislead and manipulate their co-workers around their office in order to sell a truck to you, what are they willing to do to you?” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
-95% of the books in this country are purchased by 5% of the population.… READ MORE

“I don’t know any relationship that I have that started off with misleading and manipulating on either side.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
Only 27% of leads ever get contacted.… READ MORE

“You can write all of your own content if you have the time for that. I prefer to have my real estate agents that I work with selling homes and paying me to write their content because I think it makes more sense on their balance sheet.” – Jen Miller

Today’s Topic:
Name: Jen Miller
Website: Need Someone to Blog
In this interview you’ll find out:

Why you should treat your website like a newspaper (instead of a brochure)
How copying content could be killing your business
What else you need on your site (in addition to great content) to get people to stick around
Why having good content isn’t enough
How hashtags help you get more traffic
And a whole bunch more…

“We’re getting too focused on the idea of a relationship, of like a one-to-one relationship versus building assets that can create that trust.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
The average cost for a pet in the first year is $7,700 – $9,000.… READ MORE

“Where are the content blitzes? I know we have call blitzes. Brokerages bring all the agents in, buy them pizza, and say, “Okay. Let’s call and interrupt and annoy as many people in town at once as we can.”” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
The survey shows that 59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch the video.… READ MORE

“If you were able to start converting that middle 60% instead of just confirming with the people who are already ready to go.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
Main Topic:
Converting or Confirming
Three tips:
Know your numbers

Buyers leads conversion
Seller lead conversion
Referral rate

“What they’re saying is consumers rely on word of mouth two times to ten times more than paid media.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
CONSUMERS RELY ON W.O.M. 2x to 10x MORE THAN PAID MEDIA: “The results of a 2013 BCG survey of more than 32,000 consumers in Europe and the U.S.… READ MORE

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