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“You should not be supporting your business. The business is there to support the lifestyle that you want to live.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

“Your lead generation activities, your marketing activites are not like your children. You don’t have to treat them all the same and love them all the same.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

Welcome to the only show on the internet dedicated to Making Agents Rich.
If you are reading these words then you are not the average every day real estate agent who is just barely paying the bills and feels lucky when they get a closing.… READ MORE

“I’m starting to talk to my clients about 10x-ing, not just doubling. Getting them to think bigger – think bigger than what’s ever comfortable for them – because if you can think bigger, you’ll never think the same way.” – Darin PersingerREAD MORE

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