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Hello again…..
I say we must stop meeting like this old chum(say that out loud with a semi-pretentious British accent)
I trust you have had a GREAT week
What that you want to know about my week?
Well it would be RUDE not to tell you seeing how you asked so nicely….… READ MORE

Well Hello there
Another week and Another new podcast for you to stuff in your ears and make all the business gainz…
And i’m talking “All Kindz of GAINZ”(someone has been watching the Hodge Twins on Youtube again)
You know how sometimes when you catch yourself daydreaming?… READ MORE

Now then Butter Cup,
Would you believe me if i told you the i USED to be a procrastinator?
Well I am telling you, if procrastination was a profession, i would be a Billionaire(With a B)
There is another P that is just as dangerous to an entrepreneur, if left unchecked.… READ MORE

Well hello there,
I know, talking about going off the beaten track….
Sometimes you have to go off the cuff, I am all well and good with having a plan and following that plan…
Sometimes you have to go all Bear Grylls just go off script and Drink your own piss….… READ MORE

Now then Butter Cup,
Bet you NEVER thought you would see the day the I “Bearded Beast” Dan Meredith would be singing or at least quoting a line from Frozen alas there is a point, i just don’t go around sing songs from frozen.… READ MORE

Now then Butter Cup,
The subject line is a good representation of a good majority of the budding entrepreneurs. The reason they say this is because they lack discipline.
Yeah thats right the key to becoming a morning person and thus more productive, you need more discipline, amongst other things.… READ MORE

The journey of Entrepreneurship is a hard one, when starting out, you wear all the hats in your business, you alone are:
CEO, CFO, HR, Customer support, Tech support, as you can imagine it can get pretty overwhelming pretty damn quick.… READ MORE

Now then Butter Cup,
I am officially an author… A. REAL. LIFE. Author
Someone let me write a book, not only that my “book” is also a BEST SELLER.
If anything will show you that you DO NOT need anyone’s permission to do anything that you want to do.… READ MORE

Would you believe me if i told you that I am a Natural Introvert?
Yeah me the bearded one an introvert
I used be a scrawnny shit, until I shut myself away from the world one summer and all i did was eat and lift #gainz
I used to be a shy little melt until i decided to step up and get my confidence up.… READ MORE

So I recently spent a month in Cyprus with my REALLY good friend Justin Devonshire(I mean friends in real life not that met him at a seminar one time friendship that is prevalent in in the industry) anyway i digress…
I had my number 2 out there with me to help with a small mastermind I was running, and after the master mind we went to the blue lagoon and everyone was jumping in the water, and my number 2 bless him can’t swim.… READ MORE

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