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Eating Twinkies – and only Twinkies – isn’t a great idea. Loaded with sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, Twinkies are best kept off your shelves if you want to live a healthy life.… READ MORE

There’s no question that money is a huge motivator for many people. Not everybody wants to be a billionaire but chasing money as a symbol of fulfillment could be leading you down the wrong track.
In fact, it has been proven that money isn’t the holy grail of fulfillment.… READ MORE

How do you tell the difference between false prophets and genuine financial advice?
How can you tell if a ‘financial expert’ can actually help you?
Is his primary mission to pad your pockets or his own?… READ MORE

To make a mountain out of a molehill means to exaggerate or put too much focus on a minor issue and make it seem like a major one.
Today, we’re going to flip this famous idiom on its head and show you how it’s actually a positive thing and how you can use it as a wealth principle to turn a molehill investment into a mountain of money.… READ MORE

Wars have been fought with silver bullets but Civil War history offers little consolidation.
Modern income tax was introduced in 1913 as a tax for the very top earners – irrelevant to most Americans.… READ MORE

As the saying goes; it takes money to make money. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be your money if you understand how to leverage other people’s money (OPM), especially when it comes to making major purchases.… READ MORE

What if you had a chicken that laid eggs…but never hatched chickens or gave you food for breakfast?
What if you’re in a position where your job won’t allow you to get ahead in life, and you’re unable to break the chains of the the time = money cycle?… READ MORE

In this episode, Brendon & Amanda talk about the 8th wonder of the world:
Compound Interest.
Saving early and consistently is one of the most powerful financial tools available today. Tune in to learn about this powerful concept and learn how you can put it to work by saving your money the right way to build a consistent stream of ever-increasing wealth over time.… READ MORE

Today, there are generally three main ways people make major purchases; with cash, leasing, or financing. Whether it’s a new car, a bigger house, or a new smartphone. And it all boils down to the same thing:
A cycle of earning to spend and a hamster wheel that starts and always returns to zero.… READ MORE

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