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In 1973 the ABC network aired a new series called The Six Million Dollar Man.

The story was about astronaut Steve Austin who was severely injured in the crash of an experimental aircraft. NASA rebuilt him in an operation that cost six million dollars. They fitted him with bionic parts that gave him super human strength. After the operation he was drafted as a secret agent for the US gummint.

Steve Austin became a Pop Culture icon in the 70's.

A few years back I met a guy that seemed to have super powers like Steve Austin.

Only it wasn't the his bionic strength.

It was his super human ability to make sales.

I nicknamed him the billion dollar man because he racked up over a billion dollars in closed sales in his lifetime.

The dude was in real estate, and one year he reported closing 3.7 deals per day each day of the year.

That's 1,400 closed deals in a year.

And inside the next issue of The Podcast Mogul Newsletter http://PodcastMogul.com I'm going to share what he said was his secret to success.

Thing is, it doesn't just apply to real estate.

Anybody in sales can use his mantra to close more deals and make a comfortable living.

It all starts on page 5 of the next issue.

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Producer Jonathan


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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