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Bob Gardner

Alive and Free

It’s like he became a champion for what I’m doing.”

Bob Gardner reached out to us earlier this year about helping him get his Alive and Free podcast started. 

Bob coaches people who suffer from addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts and emotional trauma to radically change their perspective in order to deal with the root causes so they can let go and fully heal.

And he wanted a way to make his method and services available to significantly more people.

“I’ve wanted to do a podcast for a long time because I knew it would help me not just to get the message out to try and help people, but also help people find us,” he says.

But every time he thought about starting a podcast on his own he says he got overwhelmed.

I don’t know how to set it up. I don’t know what the right equipment is or what the right settings are. What do I do after I get it up?”

Bob Gardner

Alive and Free

So for a long time he did nothing. 

Then he heard about The Podcast Factory and how we help people who have businesses to maximize their authority and reach in their market through our done-for-you podcasting service.

But, doing his due diligence, as all good business owners should, Bob looked into other podcasting services even while he was initially exploring the opportunity with us.

“It wasn’t as big of an investment [with the other guys] but the focus was almost entirely on, ‘okay, let’s get your message out, good. And these are all the cool features and things we’re going to do for it.’

“When I spoke with JR, it was a totally different shift … It was like, ‘Let’s create a place for you to be online that will grow with you.’ And behind it is somebody who’s not just a really good podcast creator, but he’s a technician."

"He’s a business consultant as well. And so he’s using the entire platform not just to get your voice out, but to help. And he really became a friend and treated me as someone who he respected. It’s like he became a champion for what I’m doing.”

And that’s exactly what we try to do for every single one of our clients.

I hate to use the old and tired cliche that your success is our success. But it’s true. The difference is we work extremely hard right alongside you to be certain that success in your podcast is something you will achieve.

If you’re like Bob and you could use a champion, a friend, a guide to help you get your message out to the right listening ears then reach out to set up a chat: http://ThePodcastFactory.com/DIFM.

We’d love to see how we can help you grow your business and reach together through podcasting.

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