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A client-centric business invests their entire team into focussing on supporting their prospective and existing clients. But creating such a business requires much more than you thinking about where the next client is coming from. It boils down to prioritizing advice and help over trying to make the hard and fast sale.

In today’s podcast, Chris and Taylor share some of their golden rules when it comes to achieving success in business.

These are foundational and pivotal points you must consider if you want to succeed long-term, prevent failure and falling out of love with your clients and business. A must-listen episode.

Here Are The Highlights:
– The one thing that will dictate how successful your business will be (4:15)
– Why having more money should never be your goal (5:00)
– 3 golden rules you must follow to make all future sales calls successful (12:00)
– Getting your clients to step outside their comfort zone (13:00)


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