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There is always going to be someone who wants something from you. Whether its friends, family, or someone ‘knocking at your door’ wanting to cash in a quick favor. We grow up believing that we owe ourselves, our time and our energy to others, but in reality, you don’t owe anything to anybody.

And in today’s show, you’re going to learn a valuable lesson on the selfishness of constantly serving others and why it’s holding you back from living to your full potential and creating the impact you want.

Show Highlights:

– The psychology behind seeking validation and why it’s holding you back (2:30)
– Why people LOVE to hate you and rain on your parade when you’re successful (4:30)
– Mistakes Matter: The power of becoming a ‘one mistake learner’ (6:15)
– Two most essential questions that will determine your level of selfishness (7:10)
– The key to happiness and achieving your highest calling (11:35)

Your life, your energy, your time, your attention isn't a chip to be bartered away. You don’t owe anyone anything.

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