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5000 Ads.

That’s the number an average American consumer today is exposed to.

But the real question is, which of those ads stay true to their word and which are fake? If you don’t have a way to vet  the thousands of advertising messages you’re bombarded with each day, you’re going to end up making catastrophic decisions.

In today’s mini episode of Traffic and Funnels ™, you’re going to learn how to quickly mine and identify the fake news within marketing.  

Here’s The Show Highlights:

  • ‘Bending the truth’ about million dollar launches (3:00)
  • The fastest way to identify fake news in the marketing space (8:10)
  • Why you should study and observe people before you simply speak your mind (9:00)
  • What having more presence online will do for you (12:40)

All this and much more inside today’s podcast show.

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