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Don’t know which online business to start? On today’s episode, Marquel answers one of the questions sent to him by a subscriber: What online businesses are TRULY viable? Tune in and explore the 4 different businesses you can dive into!READ MORE

On today’s episode, Marquel Russell discusses how to strategically grow your business using social media. Whatever goals you have in mind for your business, these 3 strategies can work for you.READ MORE

Today features My BEST Advice For Newbie Online Marketers. The online market could be extremely tough if you don’t know where and how to start. Tune in and learn how to be productive in your business!   
The BEST Advice
Marquel learned the importance of having a coach in his business.READ MORE

On today’s episode, Marquel Russel talks about The PERFECT Online Business Model To Quit Your Job Fast! This is not about network marketing. The business model you’ll learn will help you have a business that you can actually own and control.READ MORE

Today’s episode features 7 Things I Teach My Clients About Building A 6 (Or 7) Figure Online Business. Whether you just want to get enough money to quit your job or want to have a 6 (or 7) figure business, these strategies are perfect for you.READ MORE

Welcome to Results Over BS with your host Marquel Russell! Marquel wants to help you build a profitable, online business and create lifestyle freedom. Unlike other business gurus, he makes things easy for everyone to understand.… READ MORE

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